Holidays in Morocco in May: prices and weather. Where to relax in Morocco in May

Holidays in Morocco in May

Holidays in Morocco in May

If a label has long and firmly stuck to Japan «the land of the rising sun», then Morocco in this case claims the title «sunset kingdoms». This is one of the countries of the Maghreb, which received its beautiful name in honor of Marrakech, an ancient city that was once the capital. The name of this ex-capital city translates as «lovely, beautiful».

The same definition of the whole country is given by tourists who come to rest in Morocco in May. The last month of the African spring pleases with dry and sunny days, more and more warming sea (or ocean, for those who rest on the Atlantic coast).

Weather in Morocco in May

The weather never ceases to please. The swimming season is expanding, the company of individual daredevils, who started this business back in April, is more and more «brave sailors». Although it is too early to call the water temperature hot, it averages + 19 ° C. It is overtaken by the air temperature, the outdoor thermometer shows +23 ° C, on some days it soars to +28 ° C. But even + 23 ° C in Morocco cannot be compared with a similar temperature in mid-latitudes..

The spring sun in Africa is quite aggressive and requires special creams and sprays. Only in this case, a beautiful tan of the color of chocolate is guaranteed, without any shades of red and purple..

Festival of Roses

An amazing holiday in honor of the spring flowering of nature takes place on May days in one of the Moroccan towns. The geographical position of the city - in the Rose Valley, speaks for itself. Growing a wide variety of plants, especially the queen of flowers, is the main occupation of local residents and a good source of income..

The flowers are sold as well as for the preparation of rose oil. And harvesting begins precisely in the last spring month, when roses are in full force..

During the Festival of Roses, you can see the streets covered with colorful petals, a kind of living flower carpet. It is clear that festive events cannot do without traditional melodies and dances. Local musical groups use a tambourine, flute and national instruments exotic for Russian tourists..

For the most curious, access to the factory is open. Traveling through this kingdom of flowers, tourists can see the whole process of processing delicate fragrant petals.

At fairs that traditionally open during the festival, the main products are royal roses, cosmetics based on rose oils and perfumes with a familiar scent..

Holiday photos in Morocco

  • Holidays in Morocco in May
  • Holidays in Morocco in May