Holidays in Norway in February: prices and weather. Where to relax in Norway in February

Holidays in Norway in February

Holidays in Norway in February

February is one of the coldest months of the year. In the northern part of the state, the temperature continues to be at -20C. It is getting a little warmer in the center of Norway. In the western and eastern parts, the minimum temperature is about -5C. The weather in February cannot please tourists: low temperatures, strong piercing winds, frequent precipitation. However, if you wish, you can organize a tourist trip to Norway, giving preference to ski resorts..

Holidays and festivals in Norway in February

Do you want to enjoy a rich cultural experience? When planning a tourist trip to Norway in February, you will have this opportunity. So, what significant events fall on the last month of winter?

1. At the end of January - beginning of February, the Nordic Lights Festival is held annually in Tromso. The festival focuses on a natural phenomenon, namely the northern lights. All festival guests can enjoy interesting art exhibitions and concerts.
2. At the beginning of February, an opera festival is held in Kristiansund, allowing many people to attend concerts and visit art exhibitions.
3. The polar jazz festival is held in Svalbard during the last few days of February. This event is unique, many people from different countries come to the northernmost part of the world, namely Svalbard.
4.On February 21, all locals celebrate a national holiday: the birthday of King Harald V.

Shopping in Norway in February

If you are planning a holiday in Norway in February, you can enjoy shopping and buy original things, special souvenirs. It is important to note that the best city for shopping is the capital, Oslo. So, what can tourists bring??

1. National souvenir of Norway - troll figurines, which are best bought in pairs.
2. Everything related to Vikings - figurines, souvenirs, toys, stylized weapons.
3. Products made from reindeer hide. You can buy this souvenir on the market, achieving significant savings, but you should be prepared for poor quality fur.
4. Norwegian knives made from deer antlers.
5. Norse runes for meditation and fortune telling.
6. Scandinavian jewelry inspired by the Vikings.
7. National toys: dolls, elk in a sweater.
8. Thick sweater, mittens and a Norwegian-style hat, perfect for keeping warm even in cold winters.
9. Products: smoked fish; venison; Gulbrandala cheese, which is made with goat's milk; lacrisse candies, characterized by a bitter-salty taste; aquavit with anise, coriander or dill.

Photos of holidays in Norway

  • Holidays in Norway in February
  • Holidays in Norway in February