Resorts of Pakistan: photos, description

Resorts of Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea of ​​the Indian Ocean and is one of the most turbulent countries on the planet. It is inhabited by about 180 million people and this is the second figure in the world among Muslim countries. For fans of beach entertainment, the resorts of Pakistan are not very suitable, but for an active person who loves to get interesting extraordinary impressions from travel, this country is quite suitable for another trip.

Masterpieces from nature itself

The main treasure of the republic, which is of undoubted interest for tourists, is its national parks. The clause on environmental protection was introduced into the local constitution in 1973, and since then the government has paid special attention to the observance of this clause of the basic law. There are more than twenty of them in the country, and each of the parks is a real masterpiece and natural resort of Pakistan:

  • Deosai is one of the largest protected areas in Pakistan. It is located in the Pakistani part of Kashmir and is famous for the legend of ants mining for gold, which was described by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus. One way or another, and Deosai marmots, getting out of their burrows, have a clear golden coating on their fur coats..
  • Kirthar Park is home to hyenas and Indian gazelles. Once they could not save the last leopard here, but local ecologists are still successfully protecting the population of the garn horned antelope..
  • Leopards were able to survive and even spread safely throughout the Gamot Park. This natural resort in Pakistan in Kashmir showcases the life of big spotted cats in their natural setting for observers. There are also foxes, pheasants, musk deer, partridges and snow vultures in the reserve..
  • The most accessible for the tourist fraternity is the Margalla Hills Park in the immediate vicinity of the capital of the republic. Views of the most beautiful mountain ranges and Lake Rawal, a short drive from Islamabad, are a real gift for fans of natural attractions.

On the sea in Karachi

The largest city in Pakistan, where many flights to the east stop, is Karachi. Of course, it can hardly be called a seaside resort in Pakistan, but it is quite possible to find an excellent stadium for playing cricket here or to rush with the wind behind a boat on water skis. Surfing and boating are practiced in the coastal waters of Karachi, and you can stay in the city in one of the many hotels, including the hotels of the world's most famous chains..