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Tourism in Peru

Tourism in Peru

Two things stop travelers who decide to go to Peru - the length of the flight and, accordingly, the high cost of the tour, which consists of the ticket price, accommodation, meals and cultural program..

Tourism in Peru relies, first of all, on the preserved traces of the presence of ancient highly developed civilizations, the secrets and mysteries of which excite both the scientist and the ordinary traveler. It takes your breath away at the perfectly built temples of Machu Picchu or ancient observatories, the head is spinning at the tourist trying to decipher kilometers of strange drawings and inscriptions or standing on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

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Four points of the compulsory program of stay in Peru for a curious tourist:

  • make a pilgrimage to the monuments of ancient civilization;
  • ride with the breeze across the Amazon, screaming loudly to disperse the local fauna;
  • leave your footprints on a unique beach, the only one in the world with red sand;
  • visit the most famous house in Lima, owned by the Allaghi family, where they have lived for the sixteenth generation.

In addition, you can take a walk through the chic olive grove, the largest in the world, chat with Peruvian shamans about your future, and return to Lima again in the fall to take part in the country's largest religious festival..

What to fear

Unfortunately, a stay in Peru can leave negative memories for a tourist, since pickpockets do not think at all about the prestige of the country when they do their dirty deed. To be extremely collected on the street and in crowded places is the task of the guest of the country. In addition, he will have to fight off on the streets from numerous beggars and merchants, from whom it is better not to buy anything..

Peruvian souvenirs

Once upon a time, the first conquistadors were very surprised by the abundance of gold jewelry among local residents; jewelry is still the most popular souvenir from Peru. Such gifts will undoubtedly delight the beautiful half of humanity, as well as carpets made from llama wool, fur, dishes. For men, you can buy national leather drums, stylish gizmos made of wood or stone, funny souvenirs from dried pumpkins, as well as grape alcohol, which is used to make various drinks. Peruvian coffee has an extraordinary taste and aroma, so it often leaves as a gift in a tourist's suitcase..


  • Tourism in Peru
  • Tourism in Peru
  • Tourism in Peru