Holidays in Krakow - photo. Summer Holidays in Krakow (Poland) 2015

Holidays in Krakow

Holidays in Krakow

Rest in Krakow is a great opportunity to stroll along the Market Square and enjoy rare national treats there, and when visiting an old brewery - the best sorts of beer. In addition, while relaxing in Krakow, you can explore the hidden places of the Wolsky Forest and see the architectural sights of the city in the Art Nouveau and Baroque style..

The main types of recreation in Krakow

  • Excursion: on excursions you will see the Cathedral, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (when you go inside, you will see a sundial, a Gothic altar, various sculptures, rare stained-glass windows), the City Hall, the Church of St. Barbara, the Wawel Castle, visit the National Museum Polish aviation and the Czartoryski Museum, as well as stroll through “Royal road”. For those who wish, excursions are organized, involving a visit to the salt mine and Oskar Schindler's factory.
  • Active: guests of Krakow can have fun in the nightclubs “Cocon”, “Ermitaz”, “Epsilon”, “66”, Krakow Aqua Park (recreation here will be appreciated by lovers of water entertainment), ride in a hot air balloon, spend time on the beach located near the former Hotel Forum (here you can sunbathe by renting a sun lounger, play football or volleyball on equipped grounds, have a snack in a restaurant, climb aboard a vessel with a swimming pool).
  • Eventful: be sure to visit various International Exhibitions (different times of the year), Music Festival “Coke live music festival” (June), Festival of Jewish Culture (June-July), Festival “Fest granie” (July-August), Spring Art Festival (April), Garden Festival (May-June), Małopolska Taste Festival (August).

Prices for tours to Krakow

The ideal time to travel to Krakow is May-September. At this time, tours become more expensive, reaching their maximum price in May, summer months, on New Years and Christmas, during the period of cultural festivals.

Those wishing to save on vacation expenses should take a closer look at the tours that are implemented in November-April (the cost of tours is reduced by 30-45%).

On a note!

If you are one of those who are not averse to saving on accommodation, you should know that during the summer months many student residences open their doors to vacationers, thereby providing them with hotel services..

It is convenient to get around the city by buses, trams, city trains (public transport starts at 05:00 and ends at 24:00) and taxis.

When going on excursions to museums, before entering, it is advisable to inquire whether you can take a camera or camcorder with you (in many such institutions, filming is allowed, but for an additional fee).

Before leaving Krakow, do not forget to buy souvenirs - alcoholic beverages (Zubrovka, Slivovitsa, Gzhanes wine), cheeses and sausages, Hutsul carpets, salt lamps, jewelry with coral and amber, wood and glass carvings.

Krakow (Poland)

Holiday photos in Krakow

  • Holidays in Krakow
  • Holidays in Krakow
  • Holidays in Krakow