Streets of Krakow - photo, name. List of famous streets in Krakow

Streets of Krakow

Streets of Krakow

Krakow, the cultural capital of Poland, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It receives over 10 million visitors every year. After all, you really want to escape from everyday life and stroll along the narrow streets, paved with cobblestones. Streets of Krakow have their own mystery. Small arches and courtyards hide very interesting places that are worth seeing at least once in your life. Any tourist can enjoy local drinks in the cafe and listen to the soulful melody of the violin.

In addition to a large number of attractions, Krakow has two main streets - Florianska and Grodska.

Florianskaya street

It is located in the old part of the city, starting from the Florian Gate. It was once an ancient entrance to Krakow. In this place you can see one of the eight defensive towers, which has survived to this day..

Throughout its existence, Florianskaya Street has changed its appearance more than once. In the old days, houses were built here only in the Gothic style. They were later rebuilt. That is why the buildings are distinguished by their unusual architecture and a share of elegance..

Almost every building that was built on Florianskaya Street has a unique past. For example, a cafe «Pit Michalik» - the owner of a small pastry shop used to give his desserts interesting names. Thus, over time, the cafe has become a favorite meeting place for creative personalities..

Grodskaya street

Walking leisurely along the oldest street in the city, you can enjoy the views of beautiful buildings, cozy houses, temples, parks. As a result of historical events, some temples were destroyed.

Grodskaya Street was once very narrow. However, after a fire in 1850, everything changed. The street was expanded, which completely changed its appearance.

The street starts from the Market Square. Most of the houses located on it belong to architectural monuments.

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