Prices in Warsaw - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Warsaw

Prices in Warsaw

Prices in Warsaw

Warsaw is considered one of the most interesting cities in Poland. This city is not the main tourist center of the country, but there are many good options for vacationers to stay there. Prices for vacations in Warsaw are affordable, so tourists are happy to visit its sights..


There are various types of hotels in Warsaw: from luxury to budget. The city is divided into two parts by the Vistula River. Most of the hotels are located on the left bank, close to the main attractions.

In Warsaw there are establishments belonging to international hotel chains: Sheraton, Radisson Blu Centrum 5 *, etc. Hotels for business people are concentrated in the airport area. Room prices there double in the fall and spring, when there is an increase in business activity in the city. The atmosphere of Eastern European comfort is maintained in the hotels located in the Old Town. You can rent a room in a budget hostel for a week for 60 euros. A single room for 7 days costs 200 euros in a middle class hotel, a double room - 350 euros. Warsaw's upscale hotels offer rooms for 1000 euros per week.

Where to eat for tourists

Food in Warsaw restaurants is inexpensive. At the same time, Warsaw restaurants offer hearty, large and tasty dishes. You can eat well in this city at any time. In restaurants located in the center of Warsaw, prices are higher than in other establishments. You can eat in an economy-class cafe, remote from tourist spots, for 5 euros. In middle-class restaurants, lunch costs 10-15 euros per person.

Excursions in Warsaw

Poland's cultural tourism is concentrated in Warsaw. On the territory of the city there are theatrical and musical centers: operas, philharmonic societies, theaters. International festivals and celebrations are held here. Warsaw's nightlife is also varied. There are many discos and nightclubs in the city.

Cultural enthusiasts are advised to visit the historic city center. Many sights of Warsaw were destroyed during the war, but there is something to admire here. The main object is the Royal Castle, which was built in the 17th century. It can be seen during a sightseeing walking tour of Warsaw. It takes 2 hours and costs 80 euros. A transport sightseeing tour will cost 150 euros per person. You can visit the palace in Vilanuva for 80 euros.

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  • Prices in Warsaw
  • Prices in Warsaw
  • Prices in Warsaw