Holidays in Poland in June: prices and weather. Where to relax in Poland in June

Holidays in Poland in June

Holidays in Poland in June

All travelers conditionally divided the territory of the modern Polish state into three parts, specializing in one direction or another of the tourism industry. The northern lands and the Baltic coast are suitable for beach and sea recreation. In the south, you can ride from the mountains and at the same time improve your health with mineral springs. Central Poland - natural beauty of the Masurian region, sights of Wieliczka, Krakow or Lodz.

A tourist who is getting ready for a vacation in Poland in June will have to make a choice (a very difficult task) and stock up on tickets.

Weather in Poland in June

The first summer month in Poland is quite warm, and the sun also pleases locals and guests of the country quite often. The weather is ambiguous, rainy days are also frequent. A tourist who has chosen Poland in May for rest should also stock up on warm clothes. And umbrellas. Then even not very good weather conditions will not be able to spoil the experience..

The average temperature in June days in Poland can rise to +18 ° C in Zakopane (the mountainous regions are the coolest), +19 ° C in Gdansk, +21 ° C in Krakow, +22 ° C in Poznan and Warsaw.

Cradle of the Polish nation

This is the definition that Poznan received from the Poles. The many preserved historical monuments and a veil of history here lure tourists here. June is a great month to visit Poznan and get up close and personal with its sights.

The first thing is a walk through the Old Town of Poznan with its unique architectural complexes, the Hill Palace and the Royal Palace, the building of the local town hall and the Market Square.

Polish Trinity and Pentecost

Pentecost is directly related to Easter, the date of its celebration is shifted, most often it is the end of May or the first half of June. And refers to the list of the main solemn days in the Christian calendar.

Catholic Poland is very sensitive to the celebration of religious holidays, events are held for more than one day. And any visitor to the country is interested in Polish traditions, and some of them may seem familiar, such as decorating churches and houses with birch branches..

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  • Holidays in Poland in June
  • Holidays in Poland in June