Holidays in Zakopane - photo. Summer Holidays in Zakopane 2015

Holidays in Zakopane

Holidays in Zakopane

Holidays in Zakopane are popular not only with lovers of hiking trails and ski trails, but also with wooden architecture and a kind of Gural folklore..

The main types of recreation in Zakopane

  • Active: everyone can go rock climbing, go for a walk along paved hiking trails, go ice skating on an ice rink, fly a hang glider, have fun in the Aqua Park Zakopane water park, ride the Kasprowy Wierch Tram mountain tram. But still, most vacationers flock to this resort for the sake of skiing. For beginners, the simple slopes of the Gubalowka ski area are perfect (snowboarders also flock here, since there is a half-pipe here), for snowboarders and professional skiers - the black and red tracks of Kasprowy Wierch. And the tracks of Nosal (there is a cable car, 9 ski lifts, tracks with artificial lighting) are suitable for everyone: pros can go down from the top of the mountain, and beginners can train in the lower part of the slope. Beginners should take a closer look at the center of Kozinets - it has 3 drag lifts (1 for beginner skiers), a ski school, equipment rental, and a cafe. It is worth noting that, if you wish, you can purchase a subscription for 12 lifts here..
  • Excursion: on numerous excursions, tourists are offered to see the Church of the Fatima Mother of God, the Sagrada Familia, visit the Karol Szymanowski Museum, the Rock Garden (mountain botanical garden), the Dunajec Castle, go to the Valley of Five Lakes, Tatrzha National Park, to the caves of the Koschelinska Valley.
  • Wellness: health improvement in Zakopane is possible thanks to the mild climate, water from mineral springs, mountain walks, spa treatments, swimming in indoor and outdoor pools, operating on the basis of natural springs with thermal water.

Prices for tours in Zakopane

Depending on the purpose of the trip, you can have a rest in Zakopane all year round. It is worth preparing for the increase in the cost of tours in the summer and winter months. And you can count on buying more democratic tours in Zakopane in the off-season (March-April, October-November).

On a note!

In Zakopane, you should be extremely careful, especially on crowded buses and trams, where you can become a victim of pickpockets.

If you are planning to go hiking in thick and tall grass or camping, it is advisable to wear trousers.

As a souvenir of your vacation in Zakopane, you can bring cheeses and sausages, alcoholic beverages (Zubrovka, Slivovica, sweet Gzhanes wine), salt lamps, carpets, jewelry with corals or amber (it should be noted that everything that was produced before 1945 cannot be exported from Poland ).

Photos of rest in Zakopane

  • Holidays in Zakopane
  • Holidays in Zakopane
  • Holidays in Zakopane