Polish cuisine: photos, dishes and recipes of Polish national cuisine

Polish cuisine

Polish cuisine

Polish cuisine is influenced by Western European and Slavic cuisines, but all dishes of this cuisine are varied and satisfying, and spices and seasonings are added to them to a minimum..

National cuisine of Poland

Of no small importance in Poland are the first courses, among which the soup with the addition of dried fruits, offal, vegetables, goose blood and spices stands out (“chernin”). Famous second course “bigos”, which is prepared in different ways, but its invariable components are spices, mushrooms, cabbage, smoked meat, wine. Sometimes bigos is supplemented with rice, vegetables or prunes.

Fish dishes also brought glory to Polish cuisine: for example, here you can enjoy a pike perch roll, baked pike, herring with sour cream sauce, and hunting fish soup. As for the side dish, this role is played by pumpkin pancakes, buckwheat porridge, baked potatoes, dumplings with potatoes.

Popular dishes of Polish cuisine:

  • “zurek” (soup with smoked meats, eggs and spices on sour cream);
  • “hlodnik” (okroshka seasoned with beet kvass);
  • “half-wigs to ox” (a dish of beef fillet with mushroom sauce);
  • “sip” (a stew with sour cream sauce);
  • “ges” (goose baked with apples);
  • “Makovets” (poppy seed pie).

Where to try national cuisine?

Are you interested in budget food establishments? Search “milk bars” (Bar Mleczny) - you can eat here at very attractive prices (working hours on weekdays: from 07:00 to 18: 00-20: 00, and on weekends from 09:00 to 17:00). When visiting Polish restaurants, you should take into account that they serve rather large portions of food..

In Warsaw, it will not be superfluous to visit “Amber room” (here you will be offered to taste Polish dishes in a modern interpretation; you can come here for a business lunch on weekdays at 12: 00-15: 00, as well as order dishes not only from the seasonal (alacarte), but also a tasting menu, which includes 7 dishes) or “Barbakan” (in this restaurant, guests will find Polish cuisine, affordable prices and excellent service), in Krakow - “Pod aniolami” (here guests are treated to old Polish dishes in the form of homemade sausages and smoked goose breast with pears and cranberries), in Zakopane - “Przy mlynie” (in this tavern you can enjoy not only Polish dishes, but also immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Polish village).

Cooking courses in Poland

At culinary courses in Krakow, those who wish will be offered to attend master classes and buffets from jointly cooked Polish dishes (bigos, red borsch, flaky) in a pleasant atmosphere accompanied by the sound of good music.

A visit to Poland should be planned in June for the Malopolska Taste Festival (Krakow), the Culinary Festival (Lodz), the Culinary Festival “Europe on a plug” (Wroclaw).


  • Polish cuisine
  • Polish cuisine
  • Polish cuisine