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Traditional Portuguese cuisine

Traditional Portuguese cuisine

Food in Portugal is characterized by the fact that the local cuisine, although quite simple, is very tasty.

Since Portuguese cuisine is based on fish cooking, you will be able to taste different fish dishes (mackerel, cod, sardines, trout, perch) prepared in every possible way (there are over 300 ways).

Food in Portugal

The Portuguese diet consists of soups, fish, seafood (shrimp, lobster, cuttlefish, lobster, crabs), vegetables.

In Portugal, you should definitely try the soup made with smoked spicy sausages, potatoes and cabbage (caldo verdo); clam soup to which wine is added (sopa de mariscos); dried cod (bacalhau); a dish based on various types of fish and shellfish with the addition of tomatoes, potatoes and onions (caldeirada); grilled chicken in Portuguese (the chicken is pre-marinated in chili and garlic); fried chestnuts; carrot and orange cakes.

Where to eat in Portugal? At your service:

  • cafes, restaurants and eateries where you can order both local and international cuisine;
  • fast food restaurants (McDonalds);
  • a cafe where you can order set meals (this is especially true for those who value economical food options).

Drinks in Portugal

Popular Portuguese drinks are juices, fruit sodas, coffee, white and red wines, port, cognac.

Since different varieties of ports are produced in the country, it is worth trying Tawny, Vintage, Ruby, Late-Bottled Vintage.

In bars and restaurants, in addition to bottled wine, you can order homemade wine, which is usually sold on tap and served in decanters (homemade wine will cost you less than bottled wine).

Red wine lovers should try Dao, white - Colares and Bucelas, and sparkling rosé - Mateus Rose..

Food tour to Portugal

Going on a gastronomic trip to Portugal, you will visit local restaurants and family taverns, where you can taste local cuisine, as well as local farms, where you can personally see how delicacies are created..

Travel to the Alentejo region on a food tour to sample unique cheeses, wines and amazing olive oil produced in the region..

If your food tour starts in Lisbon, you will enjoy a city tour and a tasting dinner serving popular Portuguese food and wines. The next day, you will be invited to go to the local food market together with the chef, who will subsequently give you a master class with a tasting of the prepared dishes..

On vacation in Portugal, you can not only soak up the sandy beaches, stroll along the ancient mysterious streets, but also taste breathtakingly delicious food!

Photos of national dishes of Portugal

  • Traditional Portuguese cuisine
  • Traditional Portuguese cuisine
  • Traditional Portuguese cuisine
  • Traditional Portuguese cuisine