Prices in Portugal - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Portugal

Prices in Portugal

Prices in Portugal

According to experienced tourists, prices in Portugal are lower than in Spain and even more so in Italy..

Shopping and souvenirs

Quality footwear, clothing, leather goods and souvenirs make Portugal a popular shopping destination. For leather goods, it is advisable to go to the north of the country, in particular to Porto, and for quality footwear - to small boutiques located in the city center. As for clothing, in Portugal you can buy local brands at attractive prices - Aldo, Dom Coletto, Bianca, Salsa, Lanidor, Tiffosi.

For bargain purchases in the country, it is advisable to come during the sales season (early January - late February; early August - late September), when discounts reach 30-80%.

What to bring from Portugal?

  • cork products (wallets, bags, postcards, an umbrella with a cork handle), soap, lace, wicker and leather products, clothes and shoes, gold jewelry;
  • port wine, madeira, coffee, cheese.

Cork products can be purchased in Portugal from 5 euros (a cork bag costs 30-50 euros), coffee - from 10 euros / 200 grams, port - from 3 euros, a rooster figurine - from 2 euros, olive oil - from 3 euros / bottle , leather goods - from 30 euros, ceramics - from 5-25 euros.

Excursions and entertainment

On a sightseeing tour of Porto, you can walk around the Ribeira area, see the 12th century cathedral, bridges, the Clérigos tower, as well as visit the wine cellars of Ferreira and taste the national drink - port. The tour costs approximately 35 euros.

If you are in Santana, visit the Madeira Theme Park with interesting exhibitions and multimedia shows. In addition, there are gardens, restaurants, children's playgrounds. You will also have the opportunity to see how local handicrafts are made and ride a model of an old mountain train “Monte”. Entertainment cost - 25 euros.


The price of a public transport ticket depends on the number of zones crossed. For example, you will pay 0.85 euros for travel in the Lisbon metro within zone 1, and 1.2 euros when crossing 2 zones. But it is more convenient to buy a travel card valid for 24 hours - for 4 euros you can travel an unlimited number of times.

As for the bus and tram, you will pay 1.4 euros for travel on these types of public transport in Lisbon..

When moving around Portuguese cities by taxi, you will pay 2.5 euros (landing) + 0.4 euros (every kilometer of run). For example, a trip from the airport to the center of Lisbon will cost you 10 euros.

The minimum daily expenses for holidays in Portugal will be 30 euros per person (accommodation in a campsite or youth hostel, self-catering). But for a more comfortable stay, you will need 60-70 euros per day for 1 person.


  • Prices in Portugal
  • Prices in Portugal
  • Prices in Portugal