Holidays in Portugal in December: prices and weather. Where to relax in Portugal in December

Holidays in Portugal in December

Holidays in Portugal in December

The first month of winter in Portugal is marked by moderate warmth and is reminiscent of late autumn in Russia. However, in order to know what weather conditions are set in each region of the country, you should know the peculiarities of the climate..

December weather in Portugal

  • The central regions of Portugal are slightly cooler compared to other regions. In Evora, the air can warm up to + 12C, and in the evening it can cool down to + 6C. December has about 12 rainy days.
  • Weather in the ski resorts of Sierra da Estrela weather conditions allow you to prepare for the beginning of the season: snow, average temperatures (+ 5-13C).
  • In Lisbon, temperatures turn out to be pleasant for many tourists, because during the day the air warms up to + 14C, and at night it cools down to only + 8C. The rains are less intense, and between them the sun pleases with its warmth.
  • In Madeira and Azores, January is considered an auspicious time. During the day, the air warms up to + 19C, but at night it cools down to + 14-15C. It is occasionally cloudy, but still the sun pleases even in the first month of winter..

Holidays and festivals in Portugal in December

On the first day in Lisbon, parades are held on the occasion of the Independence Day. On December 8, the Portuguese celebrate the Day of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary

In early December, a traditional marathon is held in Lisbon. In addition, an ice rink is flooded in the city, the area of ​​which is 200 square meters..

Obidos hosts the Vila Natal Christmas market, where tourists can enjoy attractions, relax in a cozy cafe and go shopping..

Christmas is celebrated in Portugal on December 25th. It is customary to celebrate this holiday in the family circle. All government offices, many restaurants and shops are closed on December 25.

December 31 - Noite Magica, leading up to the new year. All people enjoy the festivities and attend concerts. At midnight in Madeira, it is customary to arrange fireworks over the Bay of Funchal, which are entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Prices for holidays in Portugal

When planning a vacation in Portugal in December, you should know the prices for tourist packages. At the beginning of the month, one can rejoice at moderate prices, which correspond to the level of November. From the 15th to 17th, a gradual increase is noted. As a result, by the New Year, vouchers rise in price by 35-50%.

Holiday photos in Portugal

  • Holidays in Portugal in December
  • Holidays in Portugal in December