Flag of Qatar: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of Qatar

Qatar flag

One of the official symbols of the State of Qatar is its flag, which was adopted in July 1971 during the proclamation of the country's independence and its exit from the British protectorate..

Description and proportions of the flag of Qatar

The fabric of the Qatar flag has a rectangular shape generally accepted in the vast majority of countries of the world. However, the ratio of the length and width of the flag of this state is expressed in a rare proportion of 28:11, which makes it the narrowest and longest of all known flags of independent world powers..
The Qatar flag is divided vertically into two fields of unequal width. Closer to the shaft, there is a narrower white stripe, and the free edge is a burgundy brown. Its width is about twice the white field. The border of the two vertical stripes on the Qatar flag does not have a clear line. It is formed by a series of triangular protrusions that cut into the flag's field: eight whole and two burgundy brown divided in half on the white part and nine white on the dark.
The colors of the Qatar flag were not chosen by chance. The red, and later the burgundy-brown shade is a tribute to the memory of the shed blood of patriots and defenders of the country who gave their lives during armed conflicts and wars. The white color on the Qatar flag symbolizes the desire for peace and development.
The triangular protrusions on the panel remind of the country's participation in the process «Reconciliation of the emirates», which began in the Persian Gulf in 1916. Qatar becomes the ninth participant in this process.
The colors of the Qatar flag are also used in the design of the country's coat of arms. The central motif of the coat of arms is surrounded by a ring, the upper half of which is white, and the lower one is burgundy-brown. The border between the fields is made in the form of a jagged border, as in the flag of Qatar..

History of the flag of Qatar

The original version of the flag of Qatar, adopted in 1916 during the country's accession to the British protectorate, had two fields - white and bright red. It lasted until 1936, when the color red was replaced by burgundy brown. This was due to the fact that the flag was burned out in the sun, as a result of which it acquired a color close to that used today. Thus, the official symbol of the state was legislatively approved in modern colors. Then the inscription appeared on the field of the flag «Qatar» in Arabic.
In 1949, the inscription was removed from the panel, and the Qatar flag acquired its final appearance. But it was officially approved only in 1971, when the country gained sovereignty..

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