Airport in Doha: scheme, photo. How to get to Doha airport

Doha airport

The only airport in Qatar is in Doha. According to Skytrax, this international airport has 3 stars. It has a 4572-meter runway - one of the longest in the world.

The airport is capable of receiving up to 12 million passengers a year - by today's standards, this is clearly not enough. Therefore, by 2010 it was planned to build a new airport. However, the opening date was constantly postponed, at the moment it is reported that the new airport will start operating in 2015. By 2018, when the airport is fully operational, the maximum passenger traffic may reach 50 million per year..


The terminal consists of three buildings, which are interconnected. Passengers can travel between the buildings on free shuttles, the interval of their movement is 10 minutes. The terminal itself is very clean and comfortable.

Service and services

The airport in Doha offers its passengers a variety of services that may be needed on the road. The most delicious and fresh dishes are offered to their visitors by restaurants and cafes. Many shops, including Duty-free, allow you to buy various goods. The terminal has free computers with internet access and free Wi-Fi. In addition, passengers can receive a set of standard services: ATMs, currency exchange, post office, luggage storage, etc..

There are also 3 mosques on the territory of the terminal. There is a deluxe lounge for business class passengers. Anyone can use the same hall, the cost per person is $ 39.


The airport has a parking lot for 1000 cars. In addition, the airport is capable of parking up to 42 aircraft..

How to get to the city

The airport offers several modes of transportation:

 Free transfer to the hotel - the bus stop is located near the airport. Availability of free transfers must be specified when booking a room.

• Taxi - there is an official carrier from Karwa Taxisare, as well as regular taxis. The cost of the trip will be $ 7 and $ 3, respectively.

 Rent a car - there are companies at the airport that can provide rental cars of various classes.

Doha airport photos