Romania airports - list of international airports in Romania

Airports of Romania

Airports of Romania

Of the dozens of civil and military airports in Romania, only those located in close proximity to significant sights or resorts of the country are of particular importance for tourists. It is here that fans of vampire legends and lovers of ski holidays on beautiful slopes and at reasonable prices strive..
The Russian and Romanian capitals are connected by Aeroflot and several direct flights a week, which take no more than three hours of flight time. The local airline TAROM also has flights to Sheremetyevo in its schedule.

Romania International Airports

International flights are accepted by about a dozen airports in Romania, the main of which is the capital. In addition, you can get to abroad from other air harbors:

  • From Bacau. The local airport serves regular and seasonal flights from Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, England and Germany. The base carrier is Blue Air. Transfer to the city, which is 5 km from the airfield, is available by taxi, and half a kilometer from the terminal - the Bacau bus station.
  • From Targu-Mures. The city where the airport is located is located in the very center of Transylvania and from here you can get to places associated with the main tourism brand of Romania - Count Dracula. Wizz Air operates from Bergamo, Budapest, London, Rome and Madrid.
  • From Timisoara. Romania's local airport is the westernmost in the country and is used as a backup by Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and Wizz Air. Passengers arrive here from Munich, Barcelona, ​​London, Rome, Brussels and other European cities.

Metropolitan direction

Romania's international airport in Bucharest is the country's largest air gate. It is located 16 km north of the city center, and the provision of transfer services to the capital is carried out by trains, taxis and buses..
The railway station is located 900 meters from the terminal, but taxi drivers will be happy to help passengers with their luggage overcome this distance. In addition, in the arrivals halls you can buy tickets for the bus to the station. Travel documents should be kept as they are also valid on the railway..
Bucharest train station can be reached by direct bus line 780, and to the city center - by express line 783. Buses operate 24 hours a day. Taxis should be ordered using the sensor system in the arrivals hall - this way, unreasonably high prices can be avoided. Car rental is also available upon arrival - several offices offer their services to those who wish to have personal transport for the duration of the trip..

Airlines and destinations

The only building of the Bucharest air terminal is divided into two terminals, one of which is responsible for departure and the other for arrival. At the disposal of passengers - shops and a restaurant, an internet cafe, a game room, located in the departure areas.
Among the air carriers operating flights to Budapest airport there are many well-known European and Middle Eastern companies..


  • Airports of Romania
  • Airports of Romania