Children's camps in Chelyabinsk for the summer. Children's camps in Chelyabinsk 2015

Children's camps in Chelyabinsk

Children's camps in Chelyabinsk

There are camps in Chelyabinsk, the vouchers for which are sold out long before the season. These are wellness facilities offering interesting programs and comfortable accommodation. If you want to send your child to a certain camp, then you should be puzzled by buying a voucher in the spring. You can choose an institution back in March in order to have time to buy a tour. There is no need to hesitate with the choice of a voucher for those who seek to improve their health during the second and third shifts. Exactly this «roast» the time when it is almost impossible to buy vouchers before the trip.

How to buy a ticket to the camp

Children's camps in Chelyabinsk offer vouchers that can be obtained in the company, at the place of work of the parents. Citizens receive a government subsidy for the children of employees employed in public and private enterprises. If the parents are unemployed and registered for unemployment, then they can also receive such a subsidy. At the same time, the funds are not handed over to the parents. The regional office transfers them directly to the camp's account. In some cases, organizations pay for the voucher in full, while parents pay only 10%. A family can receive three grants in one summer. Therefore, a child can relax in a country camp, and then in a school and specialized camps. If a student wants to go 2 times only to a country camp, then the second time the parents pay for the ticket in full.

Which camp to choose for a child

Children's camps in Chelyabinsk operate according to various programs. Before purchasing a voucher, parents should familiarize themselves with the list of entertainment facilities of the institution. The specifics of the camp must be taken into account. Modern children's camps are divided depending on the direction of health improvement and recreation. They can be suburban and represent complexes and bases. Among them there are specialized and sports and health camps. If the child is in poor health, then the best solution would be a trip to a sanatorium and health camp. At educational organizations, camps are formed with a day or round-the-clock stay. They provide recreation and health improvement for children during school holidays..

The thematic focus of institutions also varies. Children are invited to ecological and biological, tourist, defense and sports, creative, local history and other recreation centers. Each camp has a plan of events and activities, in accordance with which the shift is carried out. Camps are also subdivided into sea and country camps. If the child wants to go to the camp for the first time, then it is better to choose an institution near the house. In case of an emergency, you can quickly reach it.

Photos of children's camps in Chelyabinsk

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