Observation decks of Novosibirsk. List of the best observation decks in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk observation decks

Novosibirsk observation decks

Guests of the city will be able to see from a height a 100-apartment building, Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, Bard Alley, Globus Theater (the building is stylized as a sailing ship) and other objects (at their service there are observation decks of Novosibirsk).

Hotel “Gorskiy City Hotel”

It has one of the best observation decks located on floors 21-22 (it is part of a two-level presidential apartment; it offers a beautiful view of Novosibirsk, which allows guests to admire gentle sunrises and velvet sunsets, as well as fireworks organized in honor of city holidays), as well as a restaurant where guests will be offered to taste dishes from the chef.

Lovers are invited to hold a photo session on the open terrace (cost - 2500 rubles, for newlyweds there is a special rate for a photo session, costing 1500 rubles). If you decide to organize a romantic dinner, during which you will be able to admire the metropolis in flickering lights, then this service will cost you 3000 rubles / two-hour rent of the platform + the cost of dinner (the venue is an observation deck on the 22nd floor).

How to get there? From the railway or bus station, you need to get to the stop “Gorskaya” by minibus number 4 or 1212; and from the airport “Tolmachevo” - to the stop Karl Marx Square by bus number 112, then change to the metro and move to the station “Student” (address: Nemirovich-Danchenko Street, 144a; website: www.gorskiycityhotel.ru)

The park “Bugrinskaya grove”

In addition to the observation deck (it has the shape of a semicircle with a diameter of 10 m), from where a view of the bridge opens, the park has: cozy alleys; areas with gazebos for a picnic; children's and sports grounds. Address: Savva Kozhevnikova street, 39; official website: www.bugrinka-park.ru

The park “Urban origin”

Located on the Ob River Embankment, the park has several observation platforms - from here, those who wish can admire the floating fountain on the Ob, consisting of 3 fountains - a central one (12 m in diameter) and two side (9 m), the jets of which reach a height of more than 30 m.

A restaurant “Le Buffet Sky Lounge”

Located on the 12th floor of the business center “Europe”, the catering establishment invites guests to admire the picturesque panorama of Novosibirsk and enjoy European cuisine (it is worth considering that the elevators are turned off before the establishment closes, so those who stay late at midnight will have to go downstairs on foot). Address: Red Avenue, 182/1.

A restaurant “Sky”

This panoramic restaurant is located on the 25th floor of the BC “Cobra” (a high-speed elevator will take you to the 23rd floor, the other 2 floors will have to be covered on foot) - here you will be able to enjoy the local cuisine and beautiful views, in particular, the Left Bank. Address: Dimitrov Avenue, 4/1.

Ferris Wheel on the Embankment

Anyone can ride the 35-meter Ferris Wheel (the attraction is equipped with glazed cabins and runs until midnight) by paying 150 rubles for a ticket (children under 5 years old - free).


  • Novosibirsk observation decks
  • Novosibirsk observation decks
  • Novosibirsk observation decks