Bus tours to St. Petersburg. The cost of bus tours in St. Petersburg 2016

Bus tours in St. Petersburg

Bus tours in St. Petersburg

It is not for nothing that magnificent St. Petersburg is called the cultural capital of Russia. Even local residents are amazed at the number of monuments that this city is full of. Jokes that even the most rude insult in St. Petersburg sounds like an exquisite compliment are not without reason: people here are well-mannered and restrained, maintain the image of the city and invite tourists to come here every year in search of aesthetic and cultural pleasure.

Bus tours to St. Petersburg include not only familiarization with the city's infrastructure, but also historical information about the most famous monuments and architectural masterpieces. If St. Petersburg is not the most beautiful city in the world, then it can be surely included in the top five most memorable cities. If you want to form an opinion about Russia, then you should definitely visit the Northern capital.

Variety of tours in the Northern capital

There are weekend tours, group and individual tours in St. Petersburg and its environs. Weekend tours are suitable for those who live within Russia and dream of spending a cultural weekend without leaving their own country. Such tours are the most popular because they do not exhaust tourists too much, and show them exactly as many attractions as the memory can retain in such a short time..

Tours can also be thematic. For example, if you are more interested solely in museums, you can choose a tour that will show you most of St. Petersburg's museums, with some focus on other attractions as well. If you want to book a bus tour that will be of interest to a schoolchild, you should make sure that it includes at least one entertainment center for children..

Cultural and interesting St. Petersburg

Some locals call their native St. Petersburg a city-museum, because cultural monuments are located here almost at every step. Any bus tour will include a tour of the city center, where the most famous sights are concentrated:

  • Palace Square and Museum «Hermitage».
  • Bronze Horseman.
  • Summer garden.
  • Nevsky Avenue.
  • Peter-Pavel's Fortress.
  • Several bridges across the Neva, etc..

In order to properly explore all the historical monuments, it is advisable to book a tour lasting more than three days. You can get around St. Petersburg itself both by bus and by metro, while the latter option is considered by the locals to be much more convenient. If you prefer to trust the guide, you should still visit the metro at least once - this is the only way you will truly feel the atmosphere of the city..

St. Petersburg will appeal to you in any weather, and branded buses with all amenities will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this city in any season..

Photos of bus tours in St. Petersburg

  • Bus tours in St. Petersburg
  • Bus tours in St. Petersburg
  • Bus tours in St. Petersburg