Beaches of the Moscow Region: photo, video. The best sandy beaches in the Moscow region

Beaches in the Moscow region

Beaches in the Moscow region

The beaches in the Moscow region are quite diverse. Therefore, Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region often have a question - where is the best place to go on vacation. We decided to bring together the most popular and well-equipped beaches of the Moscow region.

Beach «Gull»

Located in a fairly picturesque place. The entrance to the beach is free, but if you wish, you can rent a boat or catamaran. There is a restaurant on the beach where you can dine.
If you are not used to the Spartan conditions of recreation, then you can go to the paid VIP-zone, which is a pontoon beach, where you will find a bar, comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas to hide from the summer heat.

Beach «Troitskoe»

Great clean place with a sandy bottom. For children, there is a specially fenced off area in shallow water, where slides are also installed for kids. There are booths where visitors can change. The beach has its own medical center, and lifeguards are constantly on duty..
From the unusual entertainment - a mini-zoo, where a fox and a raccoon live. You can ride a horse or a camel.
For active leisure there are specially equipped playgrounds for volleyball and basketball. Those wishing to ride will be offered to rent a kayak or catamaran. For extreme lovers, there is an opportunity to get a shot of adrenaline while gliding along the surface of the lake on water skis.
There are several cozy cafes on the territory of the beach area. If you plan to spend a few days here, you can book a room at a local hotel. Free entrance to the beach.

«Bay of joy»

The beach area with such a positive name is especially popular with yachtsmen and those who like to feel the wind and spray on their face while riding a jet ski.
This is a rather popular place among ordinary vacationers who have got out of the stuffy embrace of the metropolis.. «Bay of joy» located next to a pine forest, so you can hide from the scorching rays in the shade of trees.
The descent into the water is not abrupt, the sandy bottom sinks slowly into the depths, so the kids will be quite comfortable here frolic near the shore. Sun lounger and umbrella can be rented on the beach.

Meshchersky lake

Meshcherskoye Lake is also quite popular. Swimming is officially allowed here, and the beach itself is well-equipped. For the convenience of vacationers, there are cabins where you can change clothes, benches, comfortable sun loungers. If you get tired of just lying on the sand, you can go boating or sit in a local cafe. The regulars of this place advise you to come in the morning, since by noon the beach is already completely filled..

«Rublevsky beach»

This beach area is located just a kilometer from the capital. The beach is divided into two zones: a regular and a VIP zone. There is practically no difference.
The entrance to a regular beach is paid, but discounts are provided for privileged categories of citizens. You can use shower cabins and changing places for free. A sun lounger and an umbrella to shelter from the sun can be rented. On the territory of this part of the beach there are several cafes and a restaurant with a beautiful veranda.
The territory of the beach is guarded, and public order is well monitored here: vacationers in a state of even light drinking will simply not be allowed here. If necessary, you will be provided with the necessary first aid.

Photos of the beaches of the Moscow region

  • Beaches in the Moscow region
  • Beaches in the Moscow region
  • Beaches in the Moscow region