How long is it to fly from Izhevsk to Moscow? Time of flight Izhevsk - Moscow

How long to fly from Izhevsk to Moscow?

How long is it to fly from Izhevsk to Moscow?

In Izhevsk, you could see the Nevsky Cathedral, sit on a bench near the monument “Friendship between nations” and admire the night illumination, relax in the Cosmonauts and Kirov Park, have fun in “Dinoplanet”, nightclubs “El Zebra”, “Residence” or “Velvet”, visit the Izhevsk Planetarium and the Kalashnikov Museum, play paintball in the club “Lair”, billiards - in clubs “Old Yacht” or “Malina”, bowling - in the centers “Spark” or “Pharaoh”? And in a few days you fly to Moscow?

How long to fly from Izhevsk to Moscow (direct flight)?

You will fly from the capital of Udmurtia to Moscow in 2-2.5 hours (980 km between cities). For example, if you plan to land at “Domodedovo”, then with “Izhavia” your flight will last 2.5 hours, and from “Rus Line” - 1 hour 55 minutes.

The price of the Izhevsk-Moscow air ticket is approximately 7,600 rubles (in May and August the price drops to 6,500 rubles).

Connecting flight Izhevsk-Moscow

Those who decide to fly to Moscow with transfers will be offered to make them in Kirov, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa or other cities. Flight to Moscow via Ufa (Utair”) will last 5.5 hours, via Samara (“Dexter”, “Utair”) - 15 hours (up to the 2nd flight you will have 11.5 hours), via Kirov (“Dexter”, “RusLine”) - 8 hours, via Yekaterinburg (“Izhevsk airlines”, “Ural Airlines”) - 6 hours, via Nizhny Novgorod (“Dexter”, “Utair”) - 13 hours (you will have almost 10 hours before the departure of the 2nd flight).

Choosing a carrier

When choosing an airline, pay attention to the following carriers that deliver their passengers to Moscow on Yak-42, Bombardier CRJ 100/200, An-72 and other airliners: “Izhavia”; “Red wings”; “Rus Line”; “Ak Bars Aero”.

Flights from Izhevsk to Moscow are made from the airport “Izhevsk” (IJK), located 12 km from the city (you can take bus number 331). Before departure, travelers will be offered to rest in the waiting room, have a snack in a small cafe, buy newspapers at a kiosk “Rospechat”, acquire necessary things at several points of sale of various products, spend time in a room intended for mothers with children, use free Wi-Fi, withdraw cash from one of the ATMs.

How to entertain yourself in flight?

On the plane, you might think about which family member to present gifts from Izhevsk in the form of models of weapons, hunting and tourist knives, original candles made by hand (in the form of fruits or Christmas toys), vodka “Kalashnikov”, items of folk art (patterned weaving, multicolor embroidery, wooden boxes, carved wood sculptures), tapestries, products from the Ural stones.


  • How long is it to fly from Izhevsk to Moscow?
  • How long is it to fly from Izhevsk to Moscow?
  • How long is it to fly from Izhevsk to Moscow?