Cruises on the Kama. Boat cruises on the Kama

Cruises on the Kama

Cruises on the Kama

The Kama River is the largest tributary of the Volga, originating in the Verkhnekamsk Upland in Udmurtia. The length of the waterway is more than 1800 kilometers, and the Kama flows into the Kuibyshev reservoir. For lovers of river walks, there are many routes of river cruises along the Kama, during which travelers get to know the cities along the way and take excursions to the memorable places of their native land.

On the banks of the Kama

The main ports on the Kama River along the cruise ship's route are where it stops. The guests of the ship go ashore and make excursions to museums, see architectural sights and buy souvenirs as a keepsake of the trip. During a cruise on the Kama, you can visit:

  • Perm is a large cultural, scientific and industrial center of the Urals. The first university in the Urals operates here, a philharmonic society and theaters, a circus and many museums are open. The collection of wooden sculpture in the art gallery is of world-class value, and the collection of paintings by Levitan, Serov and Savrasov is the richest in Russia.
  • Tchaikovsky is a village founded in connection with the construction of the Votkinsk hydroelectric power station in the middle of the 20th century. The name of Tchaikovsky was given by its inhabitants in honor of the great Russian composer who was born nearby. For almost forty years, a music festival has been held in Tchaikovsky, during which young talents perform at the concert venues of the city. You can also listen to the concert on a cruise along the Kama River, if you find yourself in Tchaikovsky in June.
  • Naberezhnye Chelny is a well-known industrial and cultural center, where you can take excursions to museums and visit an art gallery. The largest monument in the country to V. Vysotsky has been erected in the city..
  • Yelabuga, where the Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva is buried. She spent the last days of her life in the city, being evacuated. Participants of cruises on the Kama make an excursion to the Tsvetaeva house-museum, as well as get acquainted with the exposition of the I. Shishkin museum, many of whose famous canvases were painted in the vicinity of the city.

From Kama to Volga

With enough time left, you can make cruises along the Kama and Volga, passing hundreds of kilometers along the two great Russian rivers. On board the ship, guests will find an entertainment program and Russian cuisine, perfect service and comfortable cabins. The opportunity to see several cities at once in one trip attracts fans of educational and active rest to the ship..


  • Cruises on the Kama
  • Cruises on the Kama