Holidays in Russia in July: prices and weather. Where to relax in Russia in July

Holidays in Russia in July

Holidays in Russia in July

An immense country that has managed to occupy large enough territories in both Europe and Asia defies practical description for a traveler's route. Each corner is good in its own way, unique and unrepeatable.

A vacation in Russia in July can be remembered by a tourist visiting Moscow and the northern capital, St. Petersburg, a wonderful journey along the Golden Ring or complete relaxation on the Black Sea coast.

Dark nights ...

After the Olympic Games in Sochi, the tourist infrastructure has significantly improved, now you can find high-class hotels, places for recreation for tourists with different levels of income and interests. The central area of ​​the city will delight you with pebble beaches, speedboats, jet skis and nightlife.

Lazarevsky district attracts with its clean coastline, coziness of boarding houses and picturesque mountain and sea landscapes. Adler is suitable for young people and families with children. Local boarding houses and sanatoriums attract older people. The Khostinsky district became famous, first of all, thanks to Matsesta. Unique hydrogen sulfide waters, the deposit of which is located in the vicinity of Matsesta, give a second life to many tourists, contribute to the rejuvenation of the body.

Fisherman's day

Holidays in Russia in early July will appeal primarily to passionate fishing enthusiasts. Numerous Russian rivers, lakes, ponds and reservoirs are ready to please any tourist with a fishing rod with a rich catch. Fisherman's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of this summer month. You need to mark it by the water, quietly hooking up another crucian carp or loudly rejoicing in the victory over the silver carp.

«Vyatka bast shoe»

This is the name given to the festival of traditional crafts, and the village of Kilmez (Kirov region) became its venue. Therefore, tourists from many cities of Russia and abroad rush in early July to see with their own eyes the miracle of the birth of the famous Vyatka bast shoes, take part in folk festivities, watch master classes on traditional crafts, listen to performances by professional and local amateur groups.

This unique holiday requires that the hosts and guests walk in bast shoes, learn to weave wonderful shoes themselves, sing ditties and have fun. And in suitcases, wonderful souvenirs, bast shoes, made not only from bast, but also from other materials, go to different countries of the world.

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  • Holidays in Russia in July
  • Holidays in Russia in July