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Tours to Kazan

Tours to Kazan

This city on the Volga coast has quite the official status of the third capital of Russia, and tours to Kazan are one of the most popular and demanded by fans of travel around their native land. Having celebrated its millennium in 2005, Kazan can offer its guests an exciting cultural program, in which there will be a place for ancient sights, sports competitions, and participation in festivals and folk holidays..

History with geography

It is believed that the name of the city comes from the Tatar word "kazan", which means "cauldron". As in a large cauldron, dozens of peoples and hundreds of rituals, many customs, holidays, religions and even recipes for national cuisine of the peoples of Europe and Asia are brewed here. The current capital of Tatarstan was the most important political and commercial center of the Golden Horde and lay at the intersection of major trade routes. These factors contributed to the city's economic growth in the old days and are helping now.

Briefly about the important

  • You can go on tours to Kazan by plane, train or car. The city has an international airport and two railway stations. In summer, travelers often use water transport and buy tickets for cruises along the Volga, on the banks of which the third capital of Russia is located..
  • Due to frequent traffic jams on the streets of the city, the subway is the optimal means of transportation, especially during rush hours, where fares are paid using smart cards and smart tokens..
  • Moderate continental climate characteristics in Kazan provide the city with warm and dry summers and long, often frosty winters. Thermometer columns are often recorded up to –20 in January and up to +30 in July. The most pleasant time for tours to Kazan is mid-spring and early autumn..
  • A large Russian cultural center, Kazan annually invites guests to dozens of festivals, holidays and other interesting events. The most famous are the Shalyapin Opera and Nuriyev Ballet Festivals, literary meetings "Aksenov-fest", rock concerts "Creation of the World".
  • You can have fun outdoors during a tour to Kazan in any of the city parks. Among the most fascinating are the "Kyrlay" amusement park and the oldest zoo-botanical garden in the country..


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