Prices in San Marino - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take in San Marino

Prices in San Marino

Bargains await you in San Marino - prices are 20% lower than the average in Italy.

Shopping and souvenirs

It is advisable to come for shopping during the sales season - in winter in January-February, and in summer in July-August. But in outlets, you will be able to purchase clothes with 30-70% discounts throughout the year (a large outlet is at your service - San Marino Factory Outlet). If your goal is to get a fur coat, go to a large fur factory in San Marino - “Braschi” or “UniFur”.

What to bring from your vacation in San Marino?

  • crafts made of wood, ceramics and glass, postage stamps, cosmetics and perfumery, clothes, shoes, watches and leather goods of famous brands, gold jewelry, fur coats, souvenir weapons, textiles (towels, napkins, aprons, bed linen);
  • olive oil, wine, liqueurs, cheeses, sausages.

In San Marino, you can buy local clothing from 10 euros, wine - from 6-10 euros, olive soap - from 5 euros, Murano glass products - from 25-30 euros, sausages - from 10 euros, souvenirs with football symbols teams - from 5 euros, a mink coat - for 1000-1500 euros, a leather jacket - for 300-400 euros.

Excursions and entertainment

On a guided tour of San Marino, you will see 3 famous towers - Montale, Guaita and Cesta / Rocca della Fratta. These towers are connected by galleries, so from here you can admire the Padan Plain, the Apennine Mountains, the Adriatic Riviera. As part of this excursion, you will visit the Ferrari Museum and the Museum of Modern Weapons. On average, this excursion costs 40 euros.

If you wish, you should visit the city-commune of San Marino - Serravalle: here you will be able to see the Olympic Stadium for 5000 spectators, the medieval castle of Castello del Malatesta, as well as stroll through the Lajala or Ausa di Dogana parks. You will pay approximately 40 euros for this excursion.

The entrance ticket to the Wax Museum will cost you 6 euros (a ticket for a child 4-10 years old costs 4 euros), the Museum of Modern Weapons - 3 euros (for a child 4-10 years old, you will pay 2 euros), the Museum of Curiosities - 7 euros (for children the ticket costs 4 euros), and for a full day of stay in San Marino Adventure Park you will pay about 20 euros.


You can travel to local cities by buses, trams, cable cars and taxis. A one-way cable car ride will cost you 2.8 euros, and a round trip - 4.5 euros. If you decide to get to San Marino from Rimini, you can take a bus that will take you to your destination in 2 hours (1 trip costs 4 euros).

On vacation in San Marino, you will need about 80-100 euros per day for 1 person.