Flag of San Marino: photos, history, meaning of the colors of the state flag of San Marino

Flag of san marino

The state flag of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino was officially approved in April 1862.

Description and proportions of the flag of San Marino

The rectangular shape of the flag of San Marino is traditional for most sovereign and independent world powers. The sides of the San Marino flag are related to each other in a 4: 3 ratio. The flag field is divided horizontally into two absolutely equal parts. The lower one is colored light blue, and the upper one is white. In the center of the flag of San Marino is the coat of arms of the state.
The country's coat of arms was first introduced to the people of San Marino in the 14th century. It serves as a symbol of the freedom of the people, because the state is the very first republic in the world to gain independence..
The basis of the coat of arms is a shield with the image of three mountains, on a green field of each of which there is a tower. Above the towers are feathers of the same silvery color, and the towers themselves symbolize the main fortresses of San Marino. At the top of the coat of arms there is a golden monarch's crown, and at the bottom there is a white ribbon on which the country's motto is inscribed. Translated into Russian, it means «freedom». To the right of the shield is a green oak branch, and to the left is a laurel branch. The branches cross behind the white ribbon at the base of the coat of arms. Their importance is stability and freedom, and the branches emphasize that over its centuries-old history, the State of San Marino has managed to preserve its sovereignty and dignity. This is also symbolized by the monarch's crown on the flag of San Marino..
The civil flag of San Marino is absolutely identical to the state one. It only lacks the country's coat of arms. This flag became a very popular symbol of the country among ordinary residents of San Marino, who were prohibited by law from using the image of the coat of arms for civilian purposes. Then the law was canceled, but the citizens of the dwarf state in Italy prefer to use the civil flag as before..
The armed forces of San Marino, whose composition does not exceed one hundred people, use the national flag of the country during the ceremonies.

History of the flag of San Marino

The previous flag of San Marino has existed for nearly four centuries. It was a tricolor with horizontal stripes of equal width. The upper field of the flag was orange, the lower one was light burgundy, and the middle of the flag was white. On the central white field was the former coat of arms of San Marino, which depicted the peaks of Monte Titano and three silver towers on them. Below was the inscription «freedom».

Photos of the flag of San Marino