Flag of Singapore: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of Singapore

Singapore flag

Singapore flag

The state flag of the Republic of Singapore was established in 1959 and it has become an integral symbol of the country, like the coat of arms and anthem..

Description and proportions of the flag of Singapore

The flag of Singapore is a classic rectangular cloth, the width of which corresponds to its length in a ratio of 2: 3. There are two equal fields on the flag, separated horizontally. The underside of the Singapore flag is white while the top is bright red. At the base of the flag, on a red stripe, there is the emblem of the country, which is made up of five five-pointed stars placed in a circle and a crescent moon enclosing them on the left. The emblem is made in white.
For Singaporeans, the colors of their national flag have a special meaning. White color symbolizes the virtuous thoughts of the inhabitants of the country and their spiritual purity. The red field is the personification of the universal brotherhood of people on the planet and the desire for equality.
The new moon on the flag of Singapore is a symbol of the beginning of the formation of a young nation, its rise and desire for progress. Five five-pointed white stars remind of multiculturalism and the peaceful existence of various religious and secular ideas.
The same emblem of the country adorns the coat of arms of Singapore, in which the stars and a crescent are inscribed on a red heraldic shield supported by a lion and a tiger. These majestic animals serve as symbols of Singapore and Malaysia, which formerly included the country. The palm leaves on which the animals lean are made in gold and lie on a ribbon with the country's motto «Forward, Singapore!».

History of the flag of Singapore

Singapore has been a British colony for nearly a century. At that time, the flag of the country was a dark blue cloth, the upper quarter of which, closest to the pole, was the flag of Great Britain. On the blue field of the right half of the old flag of Singapore, the distinctive insignia of the Straits Settlements - British colonies in Southeast Asia was applied.
The national state symbol, the flag of the Republic of Singapore was established on December 3, 1959, when the country was still part of the overseas territories of the British Empire, but was a self-governing state. Then, in 1963, a referendum was held in the country, as a result of which Singapore became part of the territory of Malaysia. An ethnic conflict two years later prompted the country's withdrawal from Malaysia, and Singapore claimed sovereignty. Then the flag was re-approved, in connection with the proclamation of the independence of the Republic of Singapore..

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