Independent travel to Singapore

By yourself to Singapore

By yourself to Singapore

This city-state seemed to have fallen on amazed earthlings straight from the future - its landscape is so futuristic. Singapore is renowned for its amazing cleanliness and great opportunities for entertainment and relaxation. Tourists fly here, having seen enough of the usual foreign attractions. Businessmen also prefer to fly to Singapore on their own to take part in numerous exhibitions of the achievements of competitors and business partners..

Entry formalities

If a Russian tourist plans to visit the Lion City as part of a long transit air stop, then he is allowed to spend 96 hours in Singapore without a visa. In four days it is quite possible to get acquainted with the modern city and its main attractions. The only condition for a transit stop is the availability of air tickets to the country where the traveler goes after visiting Singapore on his own..
In the event that the plans to stay in the country exceed 96 hours, you will have to acquire a visa, which is convenient to obtain from companies accredited at the country's embassies. The passport must be valid for at least six months at the time of submission of documents.
Singapore has strict rules on the import of certain goods. For example, chewing gum is banned in the country as part of the fight for cleanliness, and therefore even one package of contraband goods found in a suitcase can result in a substantial monetary fine. You can import cigarettes, but you will have to pay a fee for each pack.

Dollars and spending

The country's currency is the Singapore dollar, and the exchange rates in hotels, banks and airports differ little. Credit cards are accepted everywhere, ATMs can also be found without any problems at every step.

  • In Singapore, you will have to book hotels on your own, which are not too cheap here, but are definitely comfortable and convenient. The most budget rooms will cost $ 40-50 for two per night, and expensive rooms will cost from $ 100 and more..
  • You can dine at a food court in a shopping center for only $ 5-7, a dinner in a restaurant for two with wine will cost $ 30-40.
  • Take a taxi ride to another area of ​​the city - about $ 10, a metro ticket - $ 0.5, and for entrance tickets to museums and amusement parks you will have to pay from $ 2 to $ 80 (all prices are given in US $ for August 2015)

Valuable observations

Absolutely free on your own in Singapore, you can enjoy the beaches on Sentosa Island, an excursion to the Tiger Balsam Garden and walks in the country's Botanical Garden. A sightseeing tour on an open bus is a good and inexpensive way to get to know the city. After getting off at the stop you like and walking, it is convenient to take the next bus again and continue the trip.


  • By yourself to Singapore
  • By yourself to Singapore