Tax free in Singapore. Singapore tax-free refund principle

Tax free in Singapore

Tax free in Singapore

When planning to shop in Singapore, you need to be prepared for the 7% GST tax that can be returned to foreign nationals prior to departure. To be eligible for a tax refund, shopping must be done in stores that represent the Global Refund Tax Free Shopping network. Stores participating in this program can be identified by their respective logo..

When paying for the purchase, you will need to ask the staff for a special receipt, which must be completed and signed. A receipt will only be provided if you provide an identity document.

The next stage is carried out at the customs service. You have to go through customs and show all purchases, tickets, check and passport. The customs staff will stamp the document that will allow the tax refund. To return the GST, you must contact the tax refund service and present a stamped receipt, passport and credit card.

What you need to participate in the tax free system

Tax free in Singapore can only be used if certain conditions are met.

  • You must make a one-time purchase of items of $ 100 or more including GST. Keep in mind that you can accumulate the amount by shopping in one mall and collecting up to three checks in one day..
  • From Singapore, you need to fly by plane no later than two months after shopping. Departure must take place no later than twelve hours after the customs seal is put on the receipt.
  • You will need to take purchases in one carry-on baggage. In this case, you will need to provide a receipt and a check allowing you to return the tax. Goods and documents should be provided to employees of the GST Refund Inspection Counter located in the departure hall immediately after passport control.
  • Purchases and documents must be submitted to Customs prior to baggage check-in.

When GST Tax Cannot Be Refunded

  • If you spent more than 365 days in Singapore prior to making a purchase, tax cannot be refunded.
  • Citizens who have worked in Singapore for six months before shopping are also not eligible to participate in the tax free system..
  • Singapore citizens and permanent residents are deprived of this right.
  • Children under the age of sixteen also cannot return GST.

Taking into account the above features, you can spend the most profitable shopping in Singapore.


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