What is the sea in Singapore? Sea in Singapore: photo, map

Seas of Singapore

Seas of Singapore

A city-state that has made an unprecedented leap into a brighter future over the past few decades, becoming a special economic miracle of Asia, Singapore is confidently gaining momentum in the field of tourism. In addition to contemplating modern buildings and participating in regular holidays and festivals, guests of the city enjoy relaxing on the beaches and exploring the underwater world of the Singapore sea..
The city is spread over the island of the same name and a number of small islets almost at the equator. When asked which sea washes Singapore, geographers will answer - the straits. It is two straits that serve as the country's borders, separating the island from the mainland in the north and from Indonesia in the south..

Banana Lemon Paradise

The strait separating Singapore from Malaysia and Eurasia as a whole is called Johor. Its width does not exceed a kilometer at its narrowest part, and communication between the two states is carried out through a dam and a bridge. In the south, the island cuts off the Singapore Strait from the Indonesian islands, through which the exit to the South China Sea is carried out. Connected in the west with the Strait of Malacca, this waterway is the most important on the route of ships traveling from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific and back..

Interesting Facts

  • The length of the Singapore Strait exceeds 110 km, and its width ranges from 12 km at its narrowest point to 21 km at its widest.
  • More than 50 thousand ships of various levels and state registrations use the strait annually for transit traffic between the oceans..
  • Pirate attacks, as before, are not uncommon in the seas of Singapore and annually there are recorded about one and a half thousand cases of boarding of commercial and civil ships..
  • The Strait of Malacca, with which Singapore is connected, serves up to a quarter of the world's total sea freight traffic.

Beach vacation

When asked what seas in Singapore, fans of tanning in the equator will answer - warm and calm. This is how the coastal waters of Sentosa Island look like, on which it is customary to sunbathe in Singapore. The water temperature in the area of ​​its beaches does not drop below +27 degrees. This small island is located just half a kilometer from the main island. Both land areas in the Singapore Strait are connected by a multi-level pedestrian bridge, subway line and road, and the sidewalks are made to move for the convenience of pedestrians. Fans of the most exotic ways can choose the cable car or the monorail as a means of transportation..

Pictures of the coast of Singapore

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