Bus tours to Sweden. Cost of bus tours in Sweden 2016

Bus tours to Sweden

Bus tours to Sweden

Sweden is a unique country, where every city is a real attraction, and the mentality of the inhabitants is fundamentally different from what we are used to. It is not surprising that the number of people wishing to visit Sweden is growing every year..

Sweden, like any European country, has a huge number of unique places and attractions on its territory. According to many, this corner of Europe is perfect for a vacation or weekend. You can talk about the beauty of this country endlessly: palaces, theaters, museums, botanical parks, ancient castles and cozy fish restaurants - all this is Sweden..

To Sweden by bus

The stereotype that Sweden is only accessible to wealthy tourists has long been destroyed. And this is the merit of last minute deals, sales of air tickets and, of course, bus tours. The latter vacation option is quite affordable for the average Russian. What is the attraction of traveling on wheels??

  • Low cost and high level of comfort;
  • A trip to the most popular places with an experienced guide. Bus tour to Sweden provides a unique opportunity to see all the sights in a short time and get a charge of positive emotions before your next vacation;
  • Throughout the journey, you will not feel a lack of communication. This is a great way to meet new people and broaden your horizons;
  • The need to pass other cities and countries gives the tourist the opportunity to get acquainted with their appearance and the peculiarities of life in the outback, and will delight the magnificent landscapes outside the window..

Stockholm is the birthplace of the naughty Carlson, but not only. Even the most sophisticated traveler cannot resist the cultural center of the country. The city is replete with a huge number of attractions. It is impossible not to appreciate the magnificence of the Stockholm Royal Palace, Opera, Stockholm Cathedral and the famous Forest Cemetery, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A museum will become a magical place for children «Junibacken». Here are collected the fairy-tale characters of the famous writer Astrid Lindgren. A souvenir in the form of a favorite hero will surely delight little travelers.

Stockholm pleases not only with its majestic architecture, there is a huge number of souvenir shops and boutiques. With your own transport, you can visit the most popular shopping places and stock up on gifts for the whole family.

Bus tour to Sweden is an affordable and interesting travel option. And so that you do not experience difficulties on the road, discuss in advance with the travel company the route of the trip and the places of stops.

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