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Traditional Swedish cuisine

Traditional Swedish cuisine

The cuisine in Sweden is represented by delicious and varied food. Before traveling to this country, it is worth considering that food here is quite expensive..

Food in Sweden

The Swedish diet consists of meat (pork, beef, game, elk and deer), fish (mackerel, cod, hake, halibut), vegetables (potatoes are especially popular in the country), dairy products (yogurt, cheese, yogurt). If your goal is to eat well in Sweden, head to restaurants located in the city center.

In Sweden, you should try marinated herring, kottbullar (Swedish meatballs), artsoppa (soup made with peas and pork), pytt i panna (fried meat with onions, potatoes, beets and boiled eggs), gravlax (cold appetizer based on thin salmon slices with dill and salt), blodpudding (pork black blood sausage).

Where to eat in Sweden? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants where you can taste national dishes;
  • korvstand and gatukok (these street eateries sell hot dogs, chips, burgers);
  • coffee shops (here you can order fresh pastries and a variety of sandwiches).

Drinks in Sweden

Popular Swedish drinks - coffee, tea, fruit juices, wine, beer, aquavit (local vodka), punch, lingondricka (lingonberry drink), liqueurs and liqueurs made from berries and local herbs.

To buy drinks, the strength of which is higher than 3.5%, you will have to go to one of the stores of the state chain Systembolaget.

Gastronomic tour to Sweden

If you are a lover of crayfish, you should definitely go on a tour “Opening of the crayfish season in Stockholm” (late summer). On this tour, you can enjoy the main festive dish - whole crayfish cooked in salted broth with dill and other spices (if you wish, you can serve beer with crayfish), as well as shrimp, baguettes, bread and cheese. In addition, during this festival you will be able to listen to traditional songs performed by local bands. It is worth noting that the River Cancer Festival takes place as part of an outdoor picnic or indoors, in case of bad weather..

If you go to Gothenburg, you will visit cozy restaurants and a variety of cafes, where you will be fed hearty and delicious delicacies. In addition, you will be able to go on a safari where you can catch oysters, lobsters, mussels and crabs, and then taste delicious dishes made from your catch..

All these opportunities, as well as the amazing nature, hospitality and friendliness of the local population, will turn your trip into an unforgettable vacation..

Sweden has something to be proud of - local chefs have been awarded international prizes more than once, and restaurants have received Michelin stars, so a vacation in this country is an ideal choice for gourmets..

Pictures of Swedish national dishes

  • Traditional Swedish cuisine
  • Traditional Swedish cuisine
  • Traditional Swedish cuisine