Prices in Sweden - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Sweden

Prices in Sweden

Prices in Sweden

Prices in Sweden are quite high: they are higher than in Germany, but lower than in Norway. In order to reduce spending on holidays in Sweden, you should carefully plan your budget: it is advisable to relax here in the summer, since the prices for accommodation in local hotels decrease during this period..

Shopping and souvenirs

In Sweden, you can find excellent quality fashionable clothes in various boutiques and designer stores, but the cost of these items in local stores is quite high. Therefore, it is advisable to go to this country for unusual things (vintage, avant-garde, northern flavor).

The main shopping centers of the country are located in Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg. It is better to go shopping during the sales season - in winter (late December - mid-February) and in summer (mid-July - mid-August).

What to bring from Sweden?

  • souvenirs with the image of an elk (T-shirts, caps, plush toys, figurines, magnets), painted Dala horses, Vikings, Swedish crystal (vases, wine glasses, candlesticks), jewelry;
  • chocolate “Marabou”, sweets, vodka “Absolut”.

In Sweden, you can buy Dala souvenir horses from $ 15, moose - from $ 3, herring and caviar in jars - from $ 1 / can, gleg (a drink like mulled wine) - from $ 3 / small bottle, souvenirs depicting Astrid Lindgren's characters - from 3 $.

Excursions and entertainment

On a sightseeing tour of Stockholm you will visit the Old Town and Knight's Island, see the Royal Palace and the City Hall. 3-hour guided tour costs approximately $ 40.

And on an excursion to Uppsala, you see the main attractions of the city - Gustavianum, Uppsala Castle, the great Uppsala burial mounds, the Kvistaberg Observatory, and also stroll through the Linnaean gardens. The approximate cost of the excursion is $ 50.

In Stockholm, it is worth visiting the Vasa Museum, where you can see the ship of the same name that has lain at the bottom of the sea for 333 years, as well as learn its history. A visit to the museum will cost you $ 10.

Children should definitely be taken to the Junibacken Museum (Stockholm), where they can see the characters of the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. The approximate cost of the excursion is $ 20.


You can get around Swedish cities by city buses, the ticket price for which starts from $ 1. A metro ride will cost you $ 2 (1 ticket). If you wish, you can purchase a travel card: a daily pass costs about $ 10, and a weekly pass - $ 25.

The minimum cost of a vacation in Sweden will be about $ 35 per day for 1 person (self-catering, accommodation in a camp in the woods, sightseeing, assuming free admission), but a more comfortable vacation will cost you about $ 120 per day for 1 person.

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  • Prices in Sweden
  • Prices in Sweden