Airport in Zurich: scheme, photo. How to get to Zurich airport

Airport in Zurich

Airport in Zurich

Zurich Airport (Kloten Airport) is one of the largest and busiest airports in Europe. This is not surprising, since Swiss residents have long been renowned for their active travel. The Swiss national airline Swiss Int uses this airport as its main transit hub. Skyguide is responsible for organizing traffic in the airport area..
In addition, the airport in Zurich was awarded the award as the best airport in Europe, and the airline Swiss Int was named the leading airline in Europe..


The airport in Zurich has everything to provide passengers with a comfortable waiting for their flight. Lounges are divided into regular and business class lounges for more demanding passengers. In addition, those who are waiting can have a snack or a hearty meal in the available cafes and restaurants. On the territory of the airport there is a post office, bank representative offices, currency exchange is also provided.
If necessary, passengers can go to the medical center or pharmacy.


As entertainment, the airport in Zurich is ready to offer free internet, specially designated areas for working with a laptop. In addition, you can buy a newspaper or magazine, as well as watch TV. Of course, children will not be left unattended; the airport offers special playrooms for them..

Communication with the city

The airport in Zurich offers arrivals several options for transportation:

  • Taxi is the most expensive way to travel. The taxi rank is located near the airport, it is not difficult to find it, it is enough to pay attention to the signs. Approximate cost - 50 francs;
  • Bus - 2 types of buses run from the airport. One of them will take the passenger to the hotel or hotel he needs, just tell the driver the name. The second type of bus will take passengers to Oerlikon, a train station in the north of Zurich. The bus trip will cost about 15 francs;
  • The train is the fastest and cheapest option. The station is located directly under the airport, and it will not be difficult to get to it, as there are signs. Purchased for 6 francs for adults and 4 francs for children under 16, the ticket allows you to travel by train for an hour. By train, you can reach the city center in a maximum of 10 minutes;
  • Tram number 10 - it runs from the airport to the northern station. Its advantage, perhaps, is that you can cross the entire city without stops and changes;
  • Car rental - the airport allows you to rent a car and move around the city on your own.

Photos Zurich airport

  • Airport in Zurich
  • Airport in Zurich