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Traditional Swiss cuisine

Traditional Swiss cuisine

Food in Switzerland is characterized by the fact that almost every city and valley has its own specialties that can be tasted in local cafes and restaurants (it is worth noting that the prices in them are quite expensive).

Food in Switzerland

The Swiss diet consists of meat, vegetables, dairy products (butter, cheese, eggs, milk). The country is famous for the production of cheese (Vacherin, Emmental, Appenzeller, Raclette) and chocolate. Other popular Swiss products are muesli (a mixture of wheat or corn flakes, dried fruits and nuts), rosti (specially prepared fried potatoes), pies and quiches..

Cheese dishes are a must-try while in Switzerland (Malakoff cheese fritters, cheese pies, fried cheese slices, fondue). If you love cheese and you know a lot about it, you can visit farmers markets or festivals that are held weekly in all Swiss cities. Here you can wander through the cheese rows, which display huge cheese heads. You can also taste different types of cheese - farmers love to treat their cheeses to market visitors.

Where to eat in Switzerland? At your service:

  • self-service restaurants;
  • buffets at shops;
  • tourist and national restaurants.

Drinks in Switzerland

Popular Swiss drinks are rivella (whey-based soda), ovomaltine (chocolate drink), apple juice, wine, beer.

Switzerland is famous for its wines (more than 50 grape varieties grow in the country): lovers of white wine can try Amignehe, Petite Arvine, Rauschling, and red wine lovers - Cornalin, Petite Robert, Himagne rouge.

Gastronomic tour to Switzerland

You should definitely take a ride on the railway, getting into the 19th century Pullman carriage, which departs from Montreux to Broc and Gruyères. So, you will be able to visit cheese dairies, castles and the Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory (you can swim in chocolate, make a chocolate wrap, and, of course, enjoy this product).

Or you can go on an excursion along the Swiss Riviera (Montreux-Vevey-Chebres): you will not only visit the Chillon castle, but you can also dine in a panoramic restaurant (from here you can enjoy a wonderful view of Switzerland, France and Lake Geneva), having tasted national cuisine there.

Going on a gastronomic tour to Switzerland, it is worth considering that the country is divided into 4 regions and many cantons, each of which has its own culture, language and gastronomic traditions. So, in the canton of St. Gallen you can try perch from Lake Constance and corn-based bread, in the canton of Vaud - cheese fritters Malakoff, and in Zurich - veal in Zurich style (chopped veal, which was stewed in a sauce of cream and mushrooms).

On vacation in Swiss cities, you can get acquainted with noble wines, delicious and varied cuisine.

Photos of Swiss national dishes

  • Traditional Swiss cuisine
  • Traditional Swiss cuisine
  • Traditional Swiss cuisine
  • Traditional Swiss cuisine
  • Traditional Swiss cuisine