Holidays in Switzerland in March: prices and weather. Where to relax in Switzerland in March

Holidays in Switzerland in March

Holidays in Switzerland in March

A small state in the center of Europe has long and firmly held a leading position in the field of tourism. Well-developed infrastructure, excellent roads and a network of railway lines, a favorable geographical position are the main factors in increasing the tourist flow to this country..

The picturesque nature of the Alps will make your vacation in Switzerland in March unforgettable. It is here that fans of active sports entertainment flock from all over the world. For another part of tourists, on the contrary, it is not the sports component of recreation that is important, but the aesthetic, that is, the beauty of natural landscapes. The third is attracted by the brewery in Monstein, which is considered the highest among other similar establishments in Europe..

Climatic conditions and weather in March

The dominant climate in the country is temperate continental. It is he who affects the main characteristic - the constancy of the temperature regime. In this country, there are no natural temperature records in one direction or another, winters are quite mild, in summer it is warm, but without heat. In the autumn-spring period, precipitation is observed. True, this mostly concerns the flat part of Switzerland. In the Alps, there can be sharp changes in temperature indicators..

Spring comes to Switzerland gently. In flat areas, its approach is felt very well through the appearance of the first greenery and flowers. In mountainous areas, the winter season continues, skiers only according to the calendar notice that the change of seasons has come.

Temperatures in the best Swiss ski resorts continue the winter season, with thermometers showing between 0 ° C and + 2 ° C. It is slightly warmer in the valleys, but, unfortunately, there is high humidity here with a cold wind, which does not contribute to long walks.


The active season in the highlands of Switzerland continues into March. The quality of snow cover on the slopes slightly changes for the worse, but there are more sunny days. Many skiers manage to combine skiing with sunbathing, surprising their friends with a delicate bronze tan on their return..

With the arrival of the first spring month, many snow fun has to be abandoned, as the snow cover becomes looser. Snowshoes and sledges hide in the storerooms, vacationers move to bars and discos, where you can also spend time very actively and fun.

Vacation photos in Switzerland

  • Holidays in Switzerland in March
  • Holidays in Switzerland in March