Capital of Tanzania: map, photo. What is the capital city of Tanzania?

Dodoma - the capital of Tanzania

Not very many countries in the world can afford to maintain two capitals, two cities, between which, one might say, there is a constant struggle for power. De jure, the capital of Tanzania is Dodoma, de facto - the city of Dar es Salaam, it is in it that the government is located, officials of the highest rank work.

In Dodoma, however, the buildings intended for people capable of deciding the fate of the country remained empty. Although this did not affect the lives of the rest of the inhabitants of the Tanzanian capital. As guests of the city note, it is very fun and lively here. On the one hand, you can find cultural and spiritual objects, for example, one of the most famous Sikh temples. On the other hand, there are a lot of cozy restaurants where you can taste local, very worthy wines..

Dodoma sightseeing map

Tourist brochures dedicated to the capital of this African state delight with interesting routes and excursions. Firstly, many interesting monuments of history and religion have been preserved in the capital itself. Secondly, a lot of entertainment can be found outside of it..

The list of the most interesting tourist sites includes:

  • the complex of buildings of the Parliament;
  • Ismaili Mosque;
  • a Sikh temple;
  • religious buildings of Lutherans, Catholics, as well as the Anglican Cathedral.

Interestingly, the complex of urban buildings in which the government was supposed to sit on the map can be found, but not on the photos of tourists returning from Dodoma. Photography is prohibited, local authorities strictly monitor that guests of the capital do not violate the rule.

The religious building of the Sikhs is a rather popular place among the guests of the city, since it can be carefully examined both outside and inside, since access to the temple is allowed. In addition, they like to treat guests with tea and sweets..

A trip to the temples and cathedrals of representatives of Christian confessions can be no less interesting, especially considering that there are religious buildings in the very heart of one of the countries of the Black Continent, where local traditions and beliefs are strong..

Walk around the neighborhood

Another interesting place was discovered by tourists, but this time not in the capital itself, but outside it. This is the so-called Lion Rock, located in the northeast of Dodoma, or rather, outside of it. Climbing the mountain is easy, but the top offers stunning views of the city.

True, experienced tourists do not recommend going on a solo ascent, since they are threatened with meeting the locals, who are not very friendly, simply robbers. Therefore, a good company will not interfere with either the ascent or the exchange of impressions..