Features of Tanzania - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Tanzania

The African continent is a tasty morsel for European lovers of true exoticism. If it were not for natural disasters and terrible diseases that affect everyone indiscriminately, there would be much more tourists in this country. Although, going here on an excursion or work, you should remember that the national characteristics of Tanzania are associated with a large number of tribes living in the country and are strikingly different from each other..

Who are the Tanzanians?

There is no unequivocal answer, since, firstly, the state was formed from two - Tanganyika and Zanzibar, and secondly, representatives of 120 ethnic groups, differing both externally and spiritually, live here. Most belong to the Bantu group, but the difference in mentality and culture is felt within the group as well. And a very small percentage are guests from other continents..

At the same time, half of the inhabitants of Tanzania, oddly enough, are adherents of Christianity, a third are Muslims, and a very small part are fans of autochthonous beliefs. It is understood that many differences can be found in the culture of Tanzanian Christians and Muslims..

Tanzanian Muslims

Such families are characterized by the same features as for the entire Muslim world. They have a special attitude towards a woman, being a guest in an African Muslim family, so you should not show attention to the mistress of the house, even out of gratitude..

In addition, at a party there is a division into companies for women and men, it is not customary for everyone to communicate together. The hostess of the house can be present at the table with the guests only with the permission of the spouse. Therefore, it is better for the guest to turn his attention to the children by praising them. Although it has its own «taboo» - you cannot touch children without parental permission, and most importantly - do not touch your head.

Clean hands

In many regions of Africa, there is a kind of division, according to which the left hand is considered dirty, and the right, respectively, clean. It is she who should give gifts, as well as take food, so as not to offend the owners of the house..

In many Tanzanian families, it is customary to eat with your hands, which is completely unusual for a European. You can take food from your own plate or from a common one, while you must try so that the crumbs do not fall into «common boiler» or a neighbor's plate.

The lifestyle of most Tanzanians can be summed up in two phrases: «hakuna matata», familiar to everyone «no problem»; «field-field». The last expression is akin to the motto of the famous man with a propeller, Carlson: «Calm, only calm». That is, residents do everything slowly, with dignity..