Prices in Bangkok - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Bangkok

Prices in Bangkok

Prices in Bangkok

The largest Asian city is Bangkok. It is the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand, which tourists from all over the world want to see. If you like an active and exotic vacation, go there. Prices in Bangkok for vacations are affordable when you compare them with prices at other well-known resorts. Flights to Thailand are cheap. Very profitable tickets go to tourists who take advantage of promotions carried out by air carriers.

Accommodation in Bangkok

The resort has more than 200 hotels of different price categories. Budget hotels do not guarantee good service to tourists. It is best to rent a room in 4-5 * hotels. There you will be provided with comfort.

In Bangkok, you can rent an apartment in a condominium (apartment building) or a private house. A miniature studio without additional services is rented for 3000-5000 thousand baht per month. The cheapest are family hotels. Each is a family run guesthouse. In such a hotel, you can rent a comfortable and clean room at a low price - $ 2 or 50 baht per day. The cheapest hotels lack hot water and air conditioning.

The peak of the tourist season is in winter. During this period, the cost of rooms in hotels increases. In May and April, renting a house can be very cheap, since at this time it is very hot in the city, and there are few vacationers. Housing prices largely depend on the area. Hotels located near attractions and in the center require high room rates. The most expensive rooms are offered by the Chakrabongse Villas 5 * hotel. Each room there occupies a separate villa. Room rental is at least $ 500.

Where to eat

If you are planning to stay in a family hotel, you can arrange meals with the hosts. Inexpensive food is sold at street stalls. At minimal prices, you will taste national cuisine. Food in Bangkok restaurants is a little more expensive. Food prices in this city are democratic. A light breakfast costs 30-130 baht. A good lunch costs 250 baht per person.

Transport system

Public transport is well developed in the capital of Thailand. You can easily get to any part of the city by bus. By purchasing a bus route map for 50 baht, you can easily find your way in Bangkok. A popular form of transport is tuk-tuk - a three-wheeled vehicle with a motor.

Excursions in Bangkok

A sightseeing tour allows you to see the main temples and palaces of the city. Its cost is about $ 100. An evening walk with a guide through the capital of Thailand costs the same amount. A special guided tour of Bangkok's temples costs at least $ 45 per person. A tour of the city's canals has good reviews. It is carried out by ferry and costs $ 40.

Bangkok landmarks, markets and temples


  • Prices in Bangkok
  • Prices in Bangkok
  • Prices in Bangkok