The best restaurants in Phuket - photos, prices

Phuket's best restaurants

Phuket's best restaurants

Phuket is the most respectable resort in Thailand. Families often come here on vacation, although frank entertainment is also not uncommon here. But there are as many as 10 stunning beaches, many interesting excursions and all the possibilities for good diving. Local cuisine is striking in its variety, and the best restaurants in Phuket are always happy to welcome their visitors..

Fish and seafood

Phuket's most popular seafood restaurants: «Patong seafood»; «Savoey seafood»; «Blue elephant».

IN «Patong seafood», Opened back in the 70s, visitors are given the choice of picking still live lobsters, fish, crabs, shrimps, etc. «Savoey seafood». You can dine with well-prepared seafood and watch the sunset. IN «Blue elephant» not only the royal cuisine, but also the welcome. You can get here only by appointment, but the chef will prepare the ordered dishes right in front of the visitor, tell everything and may even ask for advice.

European cuisine

The restaurants of the chain are rightfully considered the best restaurants of European cuisine in Phuket. «Wine Connection». All the best that is in Europe is delivered here. This is Belgian and German beer, olives from Greece, French wines, Swiss cheeses, in general, anything you want..

Recommend and «Urban Food» with Italian and European cuisine. A feature of this institution is incredibly tasty meat and fish kebabs..

The most chic and interesting restaurants on the island

«Baan rim pa». There is no doubt that celebrities often drop in here, and the chef of the restaurant is a true master of his craft. The restaurant itself is located on a hill, so visitors are provided with wonderful views. And if you also consider the excellent Thai cuisine, a varied wine list and a good bar, it becomes clear why «Baan rim pa» - the best restaurant in the city.

«Mom tre's kitchen». Dinner here is not cheap, but worth it. The author's interior design, an unusual solution with a terrace, its own wine cellar and an excellent varied cuisine. You really need to visit here.

Natural Restaurant «Thammashadd». The design of this restaurant amazes with its surrealism, eclecticism of traditional Thai life. There are even goldfish and you can make a wish. The menu has nearly 200 pages, because the cuisine here is very unique and inimitable. But it is perfect even for vegetarians..

Wonderful rest and great food - what else does a tourist need!


  • Phuket's best restaurants
  • Phuket's best restaurants
  • Phuket's best restaurants