Entertainment in Phuket - photo. Amusement parks in Phuket.

Fun in Phuket

Fun in Phuket

Entertainment in Phuket is not only visiting local bars and beaches, but also watching shows with elephants and crocodiles, fishing, walking around the orchid farm ...

Amusement parks in Phuket

  • Theme park “Fanta Sea”: here every evening an enchanting show is held, in which circus artists, trained animals, dancers dressed in carnival costumes take part (the show costs 1800 baht, and the show + dinner - 2200 baht).
  • Entertainment Center “Flying hanuman”: this entertainment will appeal to extreme natures who want to get the thrill of flying, jumping from liana to liana (each participant receives individual safety equipment).

What entertainment in Phuket?

Fans of nightlife with the onset of dusk are advised to go to Bangla Street - music clubs will be waiting for them (“Banana Disco”, “Tiger”, “Seduction”), beer and go-go bars.

Those wishing to learn a lot of interesting things about Thai snakes and see the numerous inhabitants of the terrarium are invited to visit the Snake Farm. Here you can take pictures with the inhabitants of the farm, as well as admire the snake show (the most interesting sight is “Kiss with a king cobra”).

Since there are elephant farms in Phuket, if you wish, you can go on a safari tour (you will be able to ride elephants and visit aviaries with young elephants).

If you relax on the island in September-October, you will be able to attend the Vegetarian Festival, which is accompanied by various ceremonies, such as self-flagellation, piercing of the cheeks with knitting needles, walking barefoot on hot coals.

If, closing your eyes, you fancy an emerald jungle and snow-white beaches along which you rush on a horse, you can make your dreams come true while relaxing on Phuket Island. Here you will be offered to go on an introductory ride on horseback (previously, in one of the equestrian clubs, you can take a training course on horseback riding).

Fun for kids in Phuket

Phuket Zoo is a wonderful place for a family vacation with children: here you can watch mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians, as well as watch shows starring crocodiles, elephants, and monkeys. As entertainment, children can be offered to ride elephants and take pictures with one of the animals.

Children should be delighted with a visit to the Phuket Aquarium (located at the Center for the Study of Marine Biology) - here you can observe the unusual and mysterious inhabitants of the seas of Thailand. And if you come here at 11:00, you can watch the fish feeding process.

Little guests of Phuket will surely like the Butterfly Garden - here they offer to admire flowers and insects, see how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, and also buy a souvenir in the form of a beautiful butterfly in a glass frame.

Do you want you to have fun with your child? Visit the water park “Splash jungle”: you can have fun here in different thematic zones (“North America”, “Africa”, “Asia”), in pools with artificial waves, on water attractions and intricate slides.

There are a lot of entertainment in Phuket: for example, those who wish can go to the Rum Factory to not only taste this drink, but also see the process of its production, and attend a master class on making cocktails based on rum.

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  • Fun in Phuket
  • Fun in Phuket
  • Fun in Phuket