Entertainment in Pattaya - photo. Amusement parks in Pattaya.

Things to do in Pattaya

Things to do in Pattaya

Entertainment in Pattaya is not only a vibrant nightlife (sex clubs, regular and go-go bars, massage parlors open their doors in the evenings), but also a great opportunity to watch animals and play golf.

Amusement parks in Pattaya

  • “PattayaPark”: in the local water park, you can slide down the intricate slides, and in the amusement park, you can ride a roller coaster or children's cars, go on a trip on a monorail train. The 250-meter tower also brought fame to this park: after going up to the observation deck, located on the 55th floor, those who wish can go down, go into a closed 6-seater or open two-seater booth, as well as make an extreme descent on a trolley with a safety net.
  • Theme park “Three kingdoms”: here you will see pagodas and palaces, various sculptures and a collection of petrified trees.

What entertainment in Pattaya?

While vacationing in Pattaya, you should definitely take a walk along Walkingstreet - here you will see flexible artists, snake charmers, fakirs, and if you wish, you can spend time with girls from go-go-bars.

If you are a lover of discos and you are attracted not only by the pastime on the dance field, but also by show performances, take a look at DiscoDuck, Tony’s, X-zyte. Would you like to see a beautiful musical performance? Go to a transvestite show - AlcazarShow.

As an interesting entertainment, you can go on an excursion “PattayaDiscoveryTour” - during a 5-6-hour excursion you will be able to visit the island of Ko Loy (you will be offered to visit the Buddhist temple Wat Koh Loy, as well as get souvenirs and Thai amulets), at the Orchid Farm, in the Aquarium of the Marine Institute, on Monkey Mountain ( if desired, the monkeys can be fed and photographed with them).

Do you consider yourself a golf fan? Just 20 minutes' drive from Central Pattaya and you will find yourself in a private golf club with 2 courses - Plantation (27 holes) and Old Course (18 holes). If you wish, you can rent clubs, shoes for games, an electric car ...

If you want to go underwater hunting (the best time is May-November), then the vicinity of Pattaya beaches is what you need: in the local waters there are carangs, groupers, sailboats, barracudas ... In addition, conditions for windsurfing and water skiing or “banana”.

Arriving in Pattaya at the end of February, you can visit the Pattaya Carnival - at this time, for 3 days, the city turns into one continuous party, accompanied by costumed processions, performances by famous musicians, the run of rare cars ...

Fun for kids in Pattaya

If you come to the Pattaya Carnival with your children, they will not only be able to admire the enchanting carnival platforms, but also take part in competitions in the construction of sand castles!

You can entertain the little guests of the resort by going with them to the Crocodile Farm to feed these reptiles and enjoy the crocodile show.

It doesn't matter with whom you will rest in Pattaya - alone, with small children or a large company, you will not be bored!


  • Things to do in Pattaya
  • Things to do in Pattaya
  • Things to do in Pattaya