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Independent travel to Pattaya

Independent travel to Pattaya

This resort is called Thai Sochi by Russian travelers. Despite the not too close distance, Pattaya is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Russians and has long since replaced less interesting and comfortable domestic sea resorts..

When to go to Pattaya?

It's always summer in Thai resorts. That is why Thailand is not only the land of smiles, but also the land of eternal summer. Pattaya is no exception, because even in the "coldest" January, the air warms up to +30, and the water to +26 degrees. The rainy season begins in mid-spring and lasts until autumn. During this time, the resort is not uncommon for heavy showers, which, as a rule, come at night. This reduces the influx of tourists and hotel prices, and therefore experienced travelers book flights to Pattaya during the rainy season. Showers bring freshness and do not interfere with your daytime beach holiday at all.

How to get to Pattaya?

Direct flights to Pattaya from the capital of Russia are charter, and therefore tickets for them are usually bought by travel companies. Independent travelers prefer to book flights to Bangkok, where they change to local airlines or go to Pattaya by bus or taxi. Travel time does not exceed 2.5 hours.

Housing issue

Pattaya hotels operate, as a rule, without the popular all-inclusive system. In this city, it makes no sense to sit around in a hotel. The city is full of interesting places and adventures, and therefore people come to the hotel only for an overnight stay. Choosing your own from the great variety of Pattaya hotels means weighing not only the cost of the room and the proximity to the sea, but also finding out if the hotel has air conditioning systems and the Internet, parking for rented cars and breakfasts. All these options included in the room rate can be very useful for a comfortable stay..

Argue about tastes

In Pattaya, be sure to visit the beachfront restaurants and sample fresh seafood dishes cooked over an open fire. All fish and shellfish are the freshest here, and therefore the taste of each dish is amazing. Waiters should be warned about the severity of the prepared dishes. You should be careful about the presence of ice in glasses with drinks. In simple, inexpensive restaurants, it can be prepared from unfiltered water. You can buy food from street vendors, but very carefully. You should not take sliced ​​fruits, but you can try barbecues from chicken hearts or fried Thai noodles without fear..

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