Where to go with children in Pattaya. Fun for kids in Pattaya

Where to go with children in Pattaya?

Where to go with children in Pattaya?

Holidays in Pattaya can be very exciting if you decide on a plan of activities in advance. Today this resort offers many activities as part of a family vacation..

Amazing places with animals

An interesting institution is the open zoo Khao Kheo. Some of his pets are kept here freely. They can be ironed and fed. This zoo features exotic birds, elephants, tigers, hippos, deer, monkeys, etc..

To admire the tigers, visit the famous Si Racha Zoo. Tigers are its main inhabitants. The child will be able to hold the tiger in his arms, play with him, and also feed him from a bottle. Children and parents enjoy visiting the legendary elephant village. The organizers offer a spectacular show: huge elephants play football, bowling, basketball, draw and perform a number of other activities. There you can ride an elephant, as well as take pictures with him.

There is a large crocodile farm in Pattaya where you can see huge reptiles. The trainers of the farm offer the spectators entertaining performances with the participation of crocodiles. Visitors can take pictures with animals. Daredevils are allowed to sit on the backs of crocodiles.

The underwater world in all its glory is presented in the resort's aquarium. It is a giant aquarium with walls made of acrylic. There are a variety of tropical fish, sharks, rays, etc..

Another good zoo that attracts many visitors is located near Pattaya. Tourists admire the animals in the distance as they drive past them in guarded vehicles. A wild animal can jump on the hood of the car, since there are no cells there. Children's attractions are open in a specially equipped place in the zoo.

Where can you walk

Where to go with children in Pattaya to admire the beautiful nature? This question is asked by many parents who have come to rest. If you just feel like taking a walk, Mrs. Nong Nooch's tropical garden is an excellent choice. This piece of paradise is full of various plants and flowers. There is also a pond and a small zoo. There is a performance in the garden for the entertainment.

The famous landmark of Pattaya is the rock park. It is a magnificent garden with interesting fossils created by nature among the plants. There is a zoo on the territory of the park, which hosts a show with crocodiles.

Families with children are also advised to go to the Mini Siam Museum, where copies of objects of world importance are collected. See the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and other miniature masterpieces.


  • Where to go with children in Pattaya?
  • Where to go with children in Pattaya?