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Chang Tours

Chang Tours

Unusual beauty of sunsets and bounty-style beaches, gorgeous tan and amazing seafood in coastal restaurants, smiles of local residents and eternal summer ... A fairy tale can become a reality for anyone who dared to give up all the most important things for a couple of weeks and went on a tour on Chang, where every morning is kind, and the sea view is guaranteed 24 hours a day.

Right choice

Choosing a place for a beach holiday, every traveler strives for the ideal. He wants a stable sun, a warm sea, a comfortable hotel room, a varied menu in restaurants and entertaining entertainment in the evenings. And the most important condition is affordability, when all of the above can be obtained on pleasant terms. Thailand in this sense is a real paradise for tourists, and Koh Chang is the best thing in this paradise..
It is located three hundred kilometers south of Bangkok, and therefore the transfer for the participants of the tours to Chang does not cause problems. One of the largest Thai islands drifts in the Gulf of Thailand in the South China Sea near the Cambodian border. Chang is famous among fans of recreation among unspoiled nature and is part of the National Marine Park, created to protect the flora and fauna of the region..

Connecting the shores...

The island of Chang and the mainland are connected by a ferry crossing, with the help of which tourists get to the resort. You can fly from Russia to Bangkok or Pattaya, and then move towards the ferry crossing by local airlines or taxi. Travel time when flying is about an hour, and by car - 4.5 and 3.5 hours, respectively.
The climate of this region allows you to relax on the island all year round, but from May to mid-autumn, Chang is at the mercy of cyclones that carry rains. They are rather short-lived and the elements usually rage in the evening or at night, and therefore the showers do not interfere too much with the full-fledged beach rest of the tour participants on Chang. Moreover, in the "low" season, prices for hotels and meals are also reduced, and therefore you can win considerable funds for entertainment and excursions. In November, the rains give way to dry and clear weather, and Thai paradise fans enjoy a break without a hitch.

Full moon night

The main event of each month at the resort is the full moon party. By booking a tour to Chang in accordance with the lunar calendar, you can become a participant in a colorful show with a costume ball, disco, cocktail tasting and other beach joys, for which the land of smiles is so generous.


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