Holidays in Thailand in October: prices and weather. Where to relax in Thailand in October

Holidays in Thailand in October

Holidays in Thailand in October

In October in Thailand, you can forget that true autumn reigns in Russia. Hot weather is at the same time comfortable: high air temperatures, warm sea, breezes and no rain. Every clear day allows you to enjoy a luxurious beach holiday. So, what is the weather forecast for October in Thailand?

In Phuket and Krabi, daily temperature fluctuations are + 24 ... + 30C, in Pattaya and Bangkok + 25 ... + 32C, on Koh Samui + 24 ... + 31C. The water temperature is approximately +27 degrees. Based on these indicators, October can be safely considered one of the best months for a long-awaited trip to Thailand..

Holidays and festivals in Thailand in October

Cultural leisure can leave the best impressions, because the number of festivals is truly amazing.

  • At the beginning of October, there is a Latin Jazz Festival in Koh Samui. The duration of the event, which starts in September, is a week. These days you can enjoy performances by jazz groups from Thailand and other countries of the world.
  • The Chonburi Buffalo Race is traditionally held on October 7th. Races are held among small, medium, large bulls.
  • On the tenth, Koh Phangan hosts the Full Moon Party, which is a nightly party. Everyone can enjoy relaxing on the beach, socializing and entertainment, energetic music.
  • At the beginning of October, there is the Bangkok Dance and Music Festival. Each year the program of the event is unique, but at the same time it allows you to understand the peculiarities of dance and musical culture.
  • Boat Races are held in October. The most famous races are held in Nan, which is located 790 kilometers north of Bangkok. Other major boat races are held in Surat Thani, Pahumthani, Phichit, Nakhon Phanom. These events fall on the Kvthtin period, which is the official end of the Season of the Rains. Boat races attract many tourists.
  • Phuket hosts the Vegetarian Festival. Many people who are vegetarians attend this event. The program includes a parade, a Buddhist religious ceremony, and a variety of rituals that can shock tourists. Participating in the festival «Warriors of the Gods», who for a set period refuse meat, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, lies and quarrels, sex - in order to clear their minds. The Vegetarian Festival is shocking but also very entertaining for many people.
  • On October 31, Pattaya annually hosts the Transvestite Contest, which brings together transsexuals from around the world.

Holidays in Thailand in October can become memorable and unusual.

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  • Holidays in Thailand in October
  • Holidays in Thailand in October