Holidays in Tunisia with children - photos, resorts

Holidays in Tunisia with children

Holidays in Tunisia with children

The most Europeanized among all the Maghreb countries and other Arab states, Tunisia has become a reliable tourist partner of Russia for quite some time. Representatives of various categories of travelers fly here on a beach vacation, among whom there are often couples with kids. Holidays in Tunisia with children promises to be especially memorable and successful if you rationally approach its preparation and carefully choose a resort, a hotel, and entertainment..

For or Against?

It doesn't take much time to persuade kids and their parents to go on vacation to Tunisia:

  • The swimming season begins at the local resorts in mid-April and lasts at least until mid-October.
  • Many hotels have Russian-speaking staff, including those for working with children..
  • High quality specialized baby food is sold in pharmacies in Tunisia.
  • Excursions to historical sites and architectural sights will be interesting for schoolchildren.

Rest in Tunisia with children does not have any particular disadvantages, if you skillfully protect the baby from the sun in the afternoon and do not plan, if possible, a vacation with the smallest in the second half of summer, when the weather in the resorts becomes too hot.

Preparing properly

No special vaccinations are required for a trip to Tunisia with children. It is important to have a travel health insurance policy and make sure that the child only drinks bottled water. It is better to refuse ice in drinks and sliced ​​fruits sold on the streets, and those bought on the market yourself should be thoroughly washed before cleaning..

Passwords, appearances, addresses

The most optimal place to relax in Tunisia with children is the Sousse resort. There are many hotels here, which have playgrounds, animators, and a specialized menu for toddlers, and babysitting services are available. There are no too noisy events near such hotels, their territory is landscaped for the needs of young guests, and the beaches are private and private..
From Sousse, the easiest way to get to the zoo, an excursion to which will be interesting for travelers of all ages. The Berber Village, which hosts a light show with entertainment, is also less than an hour's drive from the resort..
Holidays in Madhya also have their charms, and the main advantage of the resort is the magnificent beaches. The sand here is white and clean, the entrance to the water is shallow, and there are no currents, which allows kids to frolic in the sea completely calmly and safely.


  • Holidays in Tunisia with children
  • Holidays in Tunisia with children