Water parks in Sousse - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Sousse

Water parks in Sousse

While vacationing in Sousse with children, young tourists should make a gift in the form of a visit to the local water park..

Water parks in Sousse

Aquapark “Aqua Palace” has:

  • an artificial river, pools, in particular, a pool with small towers and a fountain, as well as artificial waves (the strength of the waves changes several times a day);
  • sports grounds;
  • an area with water slides for adults and a children's area with water areas and slides of low height, as well as a playground with swings and climbing places;
  • places for a quiet rest, equipped with sun loungers;
  • cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Information on prices: adults will be charged 10 dinars for entry, and 6 dinars for children.

Nice water park can be found at the hotel “Thalassa sousse”: those who wish will be able to experience the rides “Turbo balance”, “Tsunami”, “Space hole”, “Wave slide”, “Boats flying up”, “Descent on rafts”, “Twister”. And there are attractions for children “Dolphin”, “Water tower”, “Penguin”, “Frog”. It is worth noting that a visit to the water park in “ThalassaSousse” is free only for guests of this hotel, and everyone else will be able to visit it as part of an organized paid excursion (the ticket price will include lunch in the form of snacks and drinks - once during the stay).

The hotel can also please visitors with its mini-water park “Marabout” - it has a large swimming pool and 5 water slides.

Water activities in Sousse

Looking to rent a room in a hotel with swimming pools in Sousse? Take a closer look at “Hotel Marhaba Beach”, “El Kantaoui Center”, “Cesar Hotel” and other hotels.

Planning a trip to the beaches of Sousse? There you can not only passively relax on a sun lounger under an umbrella, but also ride a banana on the water surface or fly with a parachute behind a boat (this is possible thanks to open water sports stations). In addition, local beaches are able to please with not very expensive cafes and restaurants, discos and souvenir shops located nearby. So, you can go to Bujafar Beach (ideal for children; there are opportunities for organizing picnics), Las Vegas (thanks to the stronger waves on this beach, conditions for water sports are created) or Port El Kantaoui beach (it will be appreciated by lovers of a calm atmosphere, fine white sand and turquoise sea; in addition, there are many options for your leisure time).

If you are a beginner diver, then Sousse is the ideal resort for you, as there are places here that are not difficult to dive: after learning the theoretical foundations and practical exercises, you can dive under the water and meet a variety of fish.


  • Water parks in Sousse
  • Water parks in Sousse
  • Water parks in Sousse