New Year in Belek - photo. Celebrating the New Year in Belek (Turkey) 2016

New Year in Belek

New Year in Belek

Turkish Belek is considered one of the very first resorts in the country. Nevertheless, its popularity is growing every year, and therefore the New Year in Belek is a chance to discover amazing opportunities for recreation..

Breathe deeply!

For those who prioritize the ecological component of recreation, Belek is an ideal combination of the cleanest beaches, fresh air infused with pine and eucalyptus trees, and excellent climatic conditions..
Belek is considered one of the best Turkish resorts, and therefore the prices for holidays here are slightly higher than in other places. However, the New Year in Belek is worth it, and therefore it is important to choose the right hotel for your winter holidays..
Winter will not be the right time to swim in the sea, but heated pools for splashing around will come in handy. There is enough sun in the resort in winter for pleasant walks, golfing, horse riding, and tennis. Especially hardened ones will be able to sunbathe a little, because the temperature maximum in winter here can be up to +20 degrees.

Casket with jewels

You can also delight yourself in the New Year in Belek with pleasant shopping. Shopping centers strictly observe Christmas traditions, arrange sales and give discounts and bonuses. At the bazaar on Ataturk Street, you can bargain a lot in any shop and persuade the seller to sell the souvenir you like for half the original price. Jewelry lovers are always welcome at Aspendos Jewelry Center, which offers the best prices and a rich selection of gold and silver jewelry..
Equally precious in the resort are its restaurants with excellent cuisine. The most popular dish is trout from the local river, which is prepared in hundreds of ways. The chefs of the chosen restaurant will help you to make it a highlight of the festive table on New Year's in Belek. The addition will be fresh fruits, herbs, Turkish sweets and homemade wines, which means that abundance in the coming year will become your faithful companion..
Fans of travel and excursions can visit the local natural landmark - the canyon formed by the Kepruchay River. It stretches for 14 kilometers and looks quite picturesque in order to arrange a New Year's photo session. In the national park in Köprülü canyon, the most fearless tourists go for mountaineering, while everyone else goes for horseback riding..
Belek is hospitable and generous, interesting and exciting - it is synonymous with a tasteful vacation, with its own style and great opportunities for everyone who prefers to change their routine to exciting adventures.

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