Tours to Belek (Turkey). Rest in Belek: photos, tours

Tours to Belek

Tours to Belek

It is generally accepted that Turkey is just a budget beach vacation, several local attractions, "gold" and "leather" shopping and "all inclusive" for the complete relaxation of tired workers. Belek resort somewhat refutes the established opinion, in the sense that, in addition to all of the above, it offers its guests ideal golf. For a German or an Englishman, tours to Belek are an opportunity to send the ball to the hole in a world-class golf center, and therefore wealthy and fit Europeans are the main contingent in this Turkish resort..

History with geography

For the resort patriarch, which is Turkey on the world stage, the opening of the next recreation center is an important event. Each new resort brings new perspectives, guests, opinions and opportunities. That is why the Turks are so eager to diversify the infrastructure and recreation conditions in their health resorts..
As a resort size, Belek was born in 1984, when the first golf courses turned green on its map. At the same time, hotels were built, where players threw clubs after a successful game and celebrated the victory with a glass of good wine.
Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the resort boasts twenty kilometers of sandy beaches, each carefully maintained and many are Blue Flag certified. The sandy strip is framed by coniferous and eucalyptus forests, which makes the air of Belek especially clean and even curative..

Briefly about the important

  • Antalya airport, where direct regular and charter flights from Moscow are made, is located about 30 kilometers from the bulk of the resort's hotels. Participants of tours to Belek can book a transfer in advance or use a taxi service right on the spot upon arrival.
  • The hotels in the resort are particularly comfortable and boast a large number of stars on the facade. Golf courses and horse riding opportunities are available in almost every hotel.
  • The best time for a tour to Belek is early summer or mid autumn. It is during these seasons that the air warms up no more than +30, and the water - up to +25. It can be quite hot here in July and August, but the green wall on the beach softens the hot wind from the mainland..
  • As entertainment, you can visit the Troy water park, where, in addition to cute children's attractions, there are serious slides for adults. Calmness and positive relaxation after a solid dose of adrenaline on the rides are offered by the participants of the show at the local dolphinarium.


  • Tours to Belek
  • Tours to Belek